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Correlation of the Characteristics of Single-Cylinder and Flight Engines in Tests of High-Performance Fuels in an Air-Cooled Engine I : Cooling Characteristics

Description: Variable charge-air flow, cooling-air pressure drop, and fuel-air ration investigations were conducted to determine the cooling characteristics of a full-scale air-cooled single cylinder on a CUE setup. The data are compared with similar data that were available for the same model multicylinder engine tested in flight in a four-engine airplane. The cylinder-head cooling correlations were the same for both the single-cylinder and the flight engine. The cooling correlations for the barrels differed slightly in that the barrel of the single-cylinder engine runs cooler than the barrel of te flight engine for the same head temperatures and engine conditions.
Date: October 1, 1945
Creator: Wilson, Robert W.; Richard, Paul H. & Brown, Kenneth D.
Item Type: Report

Wind-Tunnel Tests of the 0.15-Scale Powered Model of the Fleetwings XBTK-1 Airplane : Longitudinal Stability and Control

Description: An investigation was made of the static longitudinal stability, and control and stall characteristics of XBTK-1 dive bomber. Results indicate that the longitudinal stability will probably be satisfactory for all contemplated flight conditions at the rear-most CG location with elevator both fixed and free. Power effects were small. Sufficient elevator control will be available to trim in any flight condition above the ground. Increasing the slotted flap deflection above 30 degrees only slightly increased the max. lift coefficient.
Date: May 1, 1945
Creator: Boykin, Rebecca I. & Weil, Joseph
Item Type: Report

An Experimental Investigation of Flow Conditions in the Vicinity of an NACA D(Sub S)-Type Cowling

Description: Data are presented of the flow conditions in the vicinity of an NACA D sub S -type cowling. Tests were made of a 1/2 scale-nacelle model at inlet-velocity ratios ranging from 0.23 to 1.02 and angles of attack from 6 deg to 10 deg. The velocity and direction of flow in the vertical plane of symmetry of the cowling were determined from orifices and tufts installed on a board aligned with the flow. Diagrams showing velocity ratio contours and lines of constant flow angles are given.
Date: August 1, 1946
Creator: Bryant, Rosemary P. & Boswinkle, Robert W.
Item Type: Report