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Aerial transportation

Description: Report discussing the origin of air traffic dates from the war. The important development of aeronautic industries and the progress made in recent years, under the impelling force of circumstances, rendered it possible, after the close of hostilities, to consider the practical utilization of this new means of economic expansion.
Date: February 1922
Creator: PIERROT

NACA Conference on Aerodynamics of High Speed Aircraft

Description: This document contains reproductions of technical papers presented by staff members of the NACA Laboratories at the NACA Conference on Aerodynamics of High-Speed Aircraft held at the Langley Aeronautical Laboratory November 1, 2, and 3, 1955. The primary purpose of the conference was to convey to contractors of the military services and others concerned with the design of aircraft the results of recent research and to provide those attending with an opportunity to discuss these results. The papers in this document are in the same form in which they were orally presented at the conference to facilitate their prompt distribution. The original presentation and this record are considered as complementary to, rather than as substitutes for, the Committee's more complete and formal reports.
Date: November 1, 1955

Recent developments in light alloys

Description: This report is intended to cover the progress that has been made in both the manufacture and utility of light alloys in the United States since the first part of 1919. Duralumin is extensively discussed both as to manufacture and durability.
Date: November 1920
Creator: Woodward, R. W.

Variable pitch propellers

Description: In this report are described four different types of propellers which appeared at widely separated dates, but which were exhibited together at the last Salon de l'Aeronautique. The four propellers are the Chaviere variable pitch propeller, the variable pitch propeller used on the Clement Bayard dirigible, the variable pitch propeller used on Italian dirigibles, and the Levasseur variable pitch propeller.
Date: November 1920
Creator: Bacon, D. L.

NACA Conference on High-Speed Aerodynamics: A Compilation of Papers Presented

Description: A reproduction of the technical papers presented by staff members of the NACA Laboratories at the NACA Conference on High-Speed Aerodynamics at the Ames Aeronautical Laboratory during March 18-20, 1958. The primary purpose of the conference was to convey to military services and contractors the results of recent research and to provide an opportunity to discuss the results.
Date: 1958-03-18/1958-03-20

A New Dynamometer Brake

Description: The mechanism here described belongs to the class of dynamometer brake in which the motive power is transformed into heat in the brake itself. This mechanism was invented by the writer for the purpose of measuring forces in which the two factors, torque and speed, vary within broad limits, the mechanism itself being of simple construction and of still simpler operation.
Date: September 1921
Creator: Segrè, Marco

Dependence of Propeller Efficiency on Angle of Attack of Propeller Blade

Description: In order to determine the maximum and the most favorable pitch for a propeller, it was found desirable to investigate the dependence of propeller efficiency on the angle of attack of the propeller blade. The results of a few experiments are given to show that propeller blades conduct themselves just like airplane wings with reference to the dependence of their efficiency on their angle of attack.
Date: December 1921
Creator: Borck, Hermann

Flexible Petrol Pipe

Description: Report presenting an examination of flexible piping and some of the difficulties involved in creating satisfactory flexible pipe. The joint used to assist in the flexibility of the pipe is illustrated and described.
Date: July 1921

Problem of Landing

Description: The author discusses various aspects of landing aircraft such as the actual process of touchdown and the problems associated with the tail skid touching the ground before the landing gear.
Date: August 1921
Creator: Pistolesi, E.

Systematic Wind-Tunnel Measurements on a Laminar Wing With Nose Flap

Description: "Results of measurements are given as a supplement to earlier tests for a laminar profile with nose flap; magnitude, form, and angle of attack of the flap were systematically changed. The experiments were carried out at an effective Reynolds number of 8.2 x 10(exp 5). A comparison with measurements on other profiles shows that the effect of a nose flap is essentially dependent upon magnitude of the nose radius coefficient of the profile" (p. 1).
Date: April 1947
Creator: Krueger, W.

Moments of Cambered Round Bodies

Description: Results are presented for the moments and position of force centers of a series of cambered round bodies derived from a torpedo-like body of revolution. The effects of placing fins on the rear of the body of revolution are also included.
Date: August 1949
Creator: Kempf, Günther

Investigations on Reductions of Friction on Wings, in Particular by Means of Boundary Layer Suction

Description: Memorandum presenting investigation on reductions of friction on wings, especially by means of boundary-layer suction. The report is broken up into several sections, including: causes of transition, laminar profiles with the transition taking place, laminar boundary-layer suction, investigation of the laminar pressure increase, investigation of the slot flow for laminar boundary-layer suction with single slots, tests about keeping a boundary layer for high Reynolds laminar with the aid of boundary-layer suction, and an investigation of a slightly-cambered laminar suction profile of 10.5-percent thickness.
Date: August 1947
Creator: Pfenninger, W.