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Abacus giving the variation of the mean pressure of an aviation engine as a function of its speed of rotation

Description: Comparing the results of the calculations for computing the mean pressure of an aviation engine for any number of revolutions, with those of experiment, the writer, by numerous examples, shows the perfect agreement between them. This report will show that, by means of a special abacus, an engineer can instantly plot the characteristics of an engine.
Date: March 1921
Creator: Margoulis, W

Deterioration of airplane fabrics

Description: The observation that airplane fabrics, after long use, lose their original strength, caused the German Experimental Institute for Aviation to carry out a series of experiments on the effect of weathering on the cloth covering of airplane wings and fuselages.
Date: February 1, 1922
Creator: Wendt, FR

Pressure measurements during flight

Description: The general idea was to record the air pressure on the spot, that is, without intervening tubes, by some simple automatic registering device. This was therefore made in such small dimensions that it could be inserted into the wing between the ribs and stand in direct connection with the pressure openings. The results of different experiments are presented along with the best locations for locating the instruments for recording the pressure.
Date: November 1, 1922
Creator: Proll, A

Dependence of propeller efficiency on angle of attack of propeller blade

Description: In order to determine the maximum and the most favorable pitch for a propeller, it was found desirable to investigate the dependence of propeller efficiency on the angle of attack of the propeller blade. The results of a few experiments are given to show that propeller blades conduct themselves just like airplane wings with reference to the dependence of their efficiency on their angle of attack.
Date: January 1, 1921
Creator: Borck, Hermann

A new dynamometer brake

Description: The mechanism here described belongs to the class of dynamometer brake in which the motive power is transformed into heat in the brake itself. This mechanism was invented by the writer for the purpose of measuring forces in which the two factors, torque and speed, vary within broad limits, the mechanism itself being of simple construction and of still simpler operation.
Date: September 1, 1921
Creator: Segre, Marco

The coupling of engines

Description: This report examines the idea of coupling numerous engines together to turn a single propeller, which the author feels would free aircraft design from the problems of multi-engine and propeller design.
Date: April 1, 1921
Creator: Boccaccio, Paul