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Radium Determination by Alpha Counting (Final Report)

Description: Abstract: A method is described for the determination of radium by alpha counting. A dilute hydrochloric acid solution of the radium sample is passed through a short column of copper powder to remove polonium. The effluent is mounted on glass slides and alpha counted four to five hours after mounting. Twenty-four hours after mounting, the slides are counted again, and the percentage increase in counts is used to determine a correction factor for the growth of radon and its daughters. Precision and accuracy are within the limits of the counting instrument used.
Date: March 15, 1952
Creator: Kirby, H. W.

Observed Differences in the Arc Spectra of U²³⁵ and U²³⁸

Description: Abstract: "It has been found that the two principal uranium isotopes exhibit slightly different arc spectra. Certain U-235 lines have been found to be displaced from corresponding U-238 lines by about one reciprocal centimeter. The intensity ratio, IU235/IU238, has been shown to be a steadily increasing function of the U-235 concentration. These data indicate the possibility of developing a method for the determination of isotopic concentration by means of emission spectra."
Date: January 15, 1947
Creator: Long, D. R. & Smith, D. D.

Evaluation and Consolidation of Electrolytic Thorium

Description: Abstract: "Sound, fabricable ingots of thorium were produced by triple are melting of electrolytic thorium. Consumable electrodes were fabricated by tack welding of cold-pressed and vacuum-sintered bars of the granular thorium electrodeposited from a molten-salt bath. The hydrogen content of the electrodeposited material was reduced from 80 to 4 ppm by vacuum sintering at 1250 C at pressures below 1 x 10-(-3) mm of mercury. Both sodium and chlorine content were reduced during melting; sodium from 250 to 25 ppm and chlorine from 1000 to 30 ppm. Oxygen and HCl acid-insoluble contents increased during sintering and melting. Oxygen content increased from 0.35 to 0.50 w/o and HCl acid-insoluble content from 0.8 to 4.0 w/o. A starlike includion revealed by metallographic examination of the as-cast thorium was identified as ThO2."
Date: June 15, 1955
Creator: Saller, Henry A.; Dickerson, Ronald F. & Foster, Ellis L.

Research on Reactor Waste Disposal: (Information Report)

Description: Report discussing research on the disposal of radioactive waste, specifically second-cycle waste and first-cycle neutralized waste. "In the absence of established environmental tolerances, the investigation reported herein have been directed for the most part in developing general methods of removing radioactivity from certain waste solutions to as low a value as practical."
Date: December 15, 1950
Creator: Lowe, C. S.; McEwen, M.; Mead, F. C., Jr. & Orban, Edward

Report on a Differential Ionization Chamber

Description: From abstract: "A chamber was constructed with three electrodes dividing the space into two regions of 800 c.c. The surfaces of one of these were coated with boron carbide. With opposite potentials on two electrodes, ion currents to the collecting electrode due to gamma rays were practically cancelled and ion currents due to alpha rays induced by slow neutrons were measured."
Date: July 15, 1945
Creator: Broxon, James William

Note on the Non-Linear Kinetics of Circulating-Fuel Reactors

Description: The following report analyzes equations of motion for somewhat idealized circulating-fuel reactor that have been previously discussed, specifically the assumptions that the instantaneous power density is constant along the length of the fuel tubes, that the excess radioactivity depends only upon the average fuel temperature, and that the fuel temperature at the inlet is kept constant.
Date: August 15, 1952
Creator: Tamor, Stephen

The Vanadium-Uranium Constitutional Diagram

Description: Abstract: "Vanadium-uranium equilibrium studies were made on alloys prepared from high-purity vanadium and good biscuit uranium. No intermetallic phases occur in the system. Additions of vanadium lover the uranium melting point and transformations producing a eutectic at 1240 +/- 5 C and eutectoid reactions at 727 +/- 5 and 652 +/- 5 C. The maximum solubility of uranium in vanadium is about 4 atomic per cent (15 weight per cent)."
Date: December 15, 1951
Creator: Saller, Henry A. & Rough, Frank A.

Evolution of Halides from Halogenated Plastics Exposed to Gamma Radiation

Description: Abstract: "The purpose of the investigation was to study the effects of gamma radiation from a cobalt-60 source on the physical properties and halogen evolution from the plastics polyvinyl chloride and polymonochlorotrifluoroethylene. Samples exposed for 2 to 28 days to a source of approximately 25,000 Roentgens per minute showed an appreciable evolution of both fluorine and chlorine. Tests on polymonochlorotrifluoroethylene for tensile, impact, and shear strength showed rapidly decreasing values as the radiation exposure was increased. Similar physical tests on exposed polyvinyl chloride showed increased impact and shear strengths and a lower tensile strength."
Date: November 15, 1952
Creator: Byrne, J. & Mann, W. L.