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FMC Chemicals: Burner Management System Upgrade Improves Performance and Saves Energy at a Chemical Plant
FMC Chemicals Corporation increased the efficiency of two large coal-fired boilers at its soda ash mine in Green River, Wyoming, by upgrading the burner management system. The project yields annual energy savings of 250,000 MMBtu.
Rohm and Haas: Company Uses Knoxville Plant Assessment Results to Develop Best Practices Guidelines and Benchmark for Its Other Sites (Revised)
Rohm and Haas conducted a plant-wide energy assessment at its Knoxville, Tennessee, chemicals manufacturing facility. The assessment identified potential annual energy savings of nearly 47,000 MMBtu in steam and fuel and 11,000 MWh in electricity. Annual cost savings were estimated at almost$1.5 million. After the assessment was replicated in California and Kentucky plants, the companys additional estimated cost savings were$500,000 annually. Additional annual energy savings were about 23,000 MMBtu and 6,000 MWh. The assessments also indicated the plants would reduce nitrous oxide emissions.
Paramount Petroleum: Plant-Wide Energy-Efficiency Assessment Identifies Three Projects
The Paramount Petroleum plant-wide energy assessment identified a cost-effective electrical power and heat energy production facility and systems that could benefit from either fuel-burn adjustments or a new drive/control system. This could lead to independence from a local electric utility with much improved reliability, estimated annual energy savings of 1,200,000 kWh of electricity, and estimated annual savings of$4.1 million for energy reduction and other improvements.
Neville Chemical Company: Management Pursues Five Projects Following Plant-Wide Energy-Efficiency Assessment
Neville Chemical conducted a plant-wide energy efficiency assessment of its Anaheim, California, plant in the spring of 2002. The assessment justified five projects that would significantly reduce electricity and fuel costs. Four of the five projects, when complete will save 436,200 kilowatt-hours, or$31,840 of electrical energy each year. The remaining project will save 7,473 million British thermal units or$43,600 in fossil fuel each year. One year later, the same assessment team applied its knowledge of Neville's processes in a plant-wide assessment at Neville's Pittsburgh plant, and identified 15 projects with more than$715,000 in projected annual savings.