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Upgraded Lighting System Leads to Energy and Cost Savings at Augusta Newsprint Company
New metal halide light fixtures have replaced the 1960s-era mercury vapor light fixtures at Augusta Newsprint Company's facility in Augusta, Georgia. The results have included increased lighting levels, decreased maintenance costs, and reduced energy demand. Annual energy savings total nearly $65,000; with a total installed cost of $100,000, the project will pay for itself in 1.5 years.
Additional Steam Traps Increase Production of a Drum Oven at a Petroleum Jelly Plant
Additional steam traps were installed on the drum oven at a petroleum jelly production facility at an ExxonMobil plant in Nigeria. The installation improved heat transfer and saved energy.
Appleton Papers Plant-Wide Energy Assessment Saves Energy and Reduces Waste: Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT) BestPractices Forest Products Assessment Case Study
Plant-wide energy survey at the Appleton Papers, Inc. West Carrollton paper mill resulted in 21 recommendations for projects to reduce energy consumption and waste production and improve process efficiency.
Compressed Air System Project Improves Production at a Candy-Making Facility
The H.B. Reese Company successfully completed an upgrade of this compressed air system at its facility in Hershey, PA. The plant took two compressors offline while increasing throughput and quality.
Anchor Glass Container Corporation Plant-Wide Energy Assessment Saves Electricity and Expenditures:Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT) BestPractices Glass Assessment Case Study
Plant-wide energy assessments at the Anchor Glass Warner Robins and Jacksonville plants revealed opportunities that could result in significant annual energy savings.
Millwater Pumping System Optimization Improves Efficiency and Saves Energy at an Automotive Glass Plant
In 2001, the Visteon automotive glass plant in Nashville, Tennessee renovated its millwater pumping system. This improvement saved the plant $280,000 annually in energy and operating costs, reduced annual energy consumption by 3.2 million kilowatt-hours, reduced water consumption, improved system performance, and reduced use of water treatment chemicals.
Utica Corporation Plant-Wide Energy Assessment Report Final Summary
Utica Corporation conducted a plant-wide energy assessment of the manufacturing processes and utilities at its facility in Whiteboro, NY. As a result of the assessment, the company is now implementing six energy conservation projects that will result in significant cost savings and efficiency improvements.