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The Chemistry and Catalytic Properties of Cobalt and Iron Carbonyls

Description: From Introduction: "Although the objectives and plans have emerged from studies of the Fischer-Trophsch reaction, the most general purpose has been to conduct fundamental studies on the mechanism of catalytic action. With few exceptions, this report work performed through 1957."
Date: 1962
Creator: Wender, Irving; Sternberg, Heinz W.; Friedel, Robert A.; Metlin, Sol J. & Markby, Raymond E.

Design of Underground Openings in Competent Rock

Description: From Summary: "This report presents methods and principles useful in designing underground mine openings and pillars in competent rock formations. Two types of formations are considered: (1) Massive formations, in which openings are generally mined with an arched roof, and (2) bedded formations, in which openings are generally mined with a flat roof."
Date: 1960
Creator: Obert, Leonard; Duvall, Wilbur I. & Merrill, Robert H.

Control of Fires in Inactive Coal Formations in the United States

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of this Bulletin, in addition to presenting a history and description of Bureau activities in controlling these fires, is to provide the mining industry and the public with information concerning methods of controlling fires in inactive coal formation. The Bulletin is intended to serve as a guide to the public and more specifically to mining supervisory personnel and engineers who may be called upon to extinguish such fires."
Date: 1960
Creator: Griffith, F. E.; Magnuson, M. O. & Toothman, G. J. R.

Entrainment Carbonization of Texas Lignite

Description: From Abstract: "This bulletin is a detailed study of low-temperature, entrained-bed carbonization of a Texas lignite. The lignite was from the Sandow strip mine and is representative of the Rockdale formation of the Wilcox formational group.
Date: 1967
Creator: Landers, W. S.; Gomez, Manuel & Wagner, E. O.

Determination of Phenols in Coal Tars and Hydroxyl Groups in Coal by Forming Trimethylsilyl Ethers

Description: From Introduction: "This report reviews related previous work and describes studies by the Bureau of Mines on (1) the development of new methods for analyzing phenols, (2) the development of a specific method for the determination of phenolic hydoxyl groups in coal, and (3) the preparation and properties of trimethylsiyl derivatives of individual phenols."
Date: 1963
Creator: Friedman, Sidney; Zahn, Charles; Kaufman, Marvin & Wender, Irving

Composition of Shale-Oil Naphtha

Description: From Summary: "This report describes the analysis if shale-oil naphthas and discusses their composition, based on investigation by the Federal Bureau of Mines. Individual compounds identified in this investigation. are listed, together with those reported previously in the literature. Also, quantitative data are given on the occurrence of individual compounds and groups of related compounds."
Date: 1961
Creator: Dinneen, G. U.; Van Meter, R. A.; Smith, J. R.; Bailey, C. W.; Cook, G. L.; Allbright, C. S. et al.

Thermodynamic Properties of 65 Elements: Their Oxides, Halides, Carbides and Nitrides

Description: From Introduction: "This Bureau of Mines bulletin was prepared to compile in readily usable form the heat content, heat-of-formation, and free-energy-of-formation data for 65 common elements and their respective oxides, halides, carbides, and nitrides. The bulletin was prepared to encourage the application of thermodynamics in the metallurgical field; consequently, the values have been presented in a simple, readily usable form and several examples of their applications have been shown."
Date: 1963
Creator: Wicks, C. E. & Block, F. E.

A Glossary of the Diamond-Drilling Industry

Description: From Introduction: "This Glossary is published by the Bureau of Mines as a contribution to the mining literature to fill a long-felt need for a compilation of the terms used by the diamond-drilling industry." From Scope of Glossary: "This glossary attempts to present by definition the meaning of terms as used by the diamond-drilling industry and to furnish descriptive information regarding the use of diamond-drilling equipment and processes in garnering physical data needed by mining, civil, petroleum, and other professional engineering groups."
Date: 1960
Creator: Long, Albert E.

West Virginia Oilfields Discovered Before 1940

Description: From Summary: "This report contains data on 79 oilfields discovered before 1940. The boundary of each field and extent of the individual producing formations are presented. Oil production to January 1, 1960, and an estimate of total oil remaining are also listed. Secondary-recovery methods used in each field since discovery and degree of success are reported."
Date: 1963
Creator: Whieldon, Charles E., Jr. & Eckard, William E.

Contributions to the Data on Theoretical Metallurgy: [Part] 13. High-Temperature Heat-Content, Heat-Capacity, and Entropy Data for the Elements and Inorganic Compounds

Description: From Introduction: "This publication as its title indicates, contains high-temperature heat-content, heat-capacity, and entropy data for the elements and inorganic compounds. The available experimental and calculated values were compiled and intercompared, and a selection of "best" values was made. The heat-content data are given in tabular form for use by those who make thermodynamic computations by means of tables, and in algebraic form for use by those who prefer equations."
Date: 1960
Creator: Kelley, K. K.

Contributions to the Data on Theoretical Metallurgy: [Part] 14. Entropies of the Elements and Inorganic Compounds

Description: From Introduction: "The present bulletin covers data available through September 1959 and is a further elaboration and revision, made desirable by the fact that nearly 1,300 entropy values for inorganic substances at 298.15 degrees K. now are known as compared with 800 in the 1950 publication, which covered data available through October 1948. The present bulletin contains the currently pertinent explanatory matter that appeared in its predecessors."
Date: 1961
Creator: Kelley, K. K. & King, E. G.

The Chemical Thermodynamic Properties of Hydrocarbons and Related Substances: The Use of n-Heptane as a Reference Substance for Low-Temperature Calorimetry

Description: From Introduction and Summary: "This bulletin presents the results obtained n-heptane by the petroleum thermodynamics laboratory of the Bartlesville, Okla., facility. Detailed results of five investigations are given; selected values if the low-temperature thermal properties are tabulated; and comparisons with results that were obtained in other laboratories are made. The findings of this extensive study will serve to characterize the low-temperature thermal data for over 100 compounds that will be presented in a later bulletin of this series."
Date: 1961
Creator: Griffith, F. E.; Magnuson, M. O. & Toothman, G. J. R.

Mineral Facts and Problems: 1965 Edition

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over mineral characteristics, uses, and problems. Descriptions of common minerals and their uses are presented and discussed. This report includes tables, maps, and illustrations. Index and finding guide starts on page 1113.
Date: 1965
Creator: United States. Bureau of Mines.

Helium-Bearing Natural Gases of the United States: Analyses, Second Supplement to Bulletin 486

Description: Supplementary report from the U.S. Bureau of Mines regarding the results of a survey of the natural gas (helium) resources available in the United States. From the summary: "Results of analyses by the Bureau of Mines of 1,444 samples from oil and gas wells and natural gas pipelines collected from 23 states are presented in the Bulletin in tabular form. The information is from samples collected in the period May 1956 to January 1961 and supplements earlier publications" (p. 1). The summary also notes that the samples include several new sources in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah, which were discovered after May 1956 and found to be unlike the samples from previous reports.
Date: 1963
Creator: Munnerlyn, R. D. & Miller, R. D.