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Mineral Facts and Problems: 1965 Edition

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over mineral characteristics, uses, and problems. Descriptions of common minerals and their uses are presented and discussed. This report includes tables, maps, and illustrations. Index and finding guide starts on page 1113.
Date: 1965
Creator: United States. Bureau of Mines.

Helium-Bearing Natural Gases of the United States: Analyses, Second Supplement to Bulletin 486

Description: Supplementary report from the U.S. Bureau of Mines regarding the results of a survey of the natural gas (helium) resources available in the United States. From the summary: "Results of analyses by the Bureau of Mines of 1,444 samples from oil and gas wells and natural gas pipelines collected from 23 states are presented in the Bulletin in tabular form. The information is from samples collected in the period May 1956 to January 1961 and supplements earlier publications" (p. 1). The summary also notes that the samples include several new sources in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah, which were discovered after May 1956 and found to be unlike the samples from previous reports.
Date: 1963
Creator: Munnerlyn, R. D. & Miller, R. D.

X-Ray Powder Diffraction Patterns of Solid Hydrocarbons, Derivatives of Hydrocarbons, Phenols, and Organic Bases

Description: From Abstract: "The Bureau of Mines has developed a library of 178 X-ray powder diffraction patterns of aromatic hydrocarbons, 2,4,7-trinitro-9-fluorence derivatives of aromatic hydrocarbons phenols, and organic bases for positive identification of solid organic compounds of special interest to the chemistry of coal, air pollution, and related fields.This bulletin contains convenient indices designed to permit maximum use of this library."
Date: 1963
Creator: Hofer, L. J. E.; Peebles, W. C. & Bean, E. H.

Storage Stability of Gasoline: Fundamentals of Gum Formation, Including a Discussion of Radiotracer Techniques

Description: From Abstract: "The data show that sulfur compounds, nitrogen compounds, polycyclics, and olefins enter into gum-forming reactions. Certain sulfur and nitrogen compounds were found to be most reactive in the gum-forming process. Results of this study indicate that the aromatic constituents of gasolines may contribute substantially and directly to gum formation."
Date: 1964
Creator: Schwartz, Frank G.; Whisman, M. L.; Allbright, C. S. & Ward, C. C.

Synthetic Cordierite

Description: From Introduction and Summary: "This report comprises research and development work on synthetic cordierite begun 1947 by the Federal Bureau of Mines in cooperation with the office of Naval Research."
Date: 1961
Creator: Tyrrell, M. E.; Gibbs, G. V. & Shell, H. R.

Safety at Gas-Processing Plants

Description: From Summary and introduction: "This report presents up-to-date information on design, construction, operation, and maintenance of natural gasoline and gas-processing plants, with particular emphasis on procedures and practices that will promote maximum safety for workers in such installations."
Date: 1960
Creator: Kintz, G. M. & Hill, Frances C.

Structure and Propagation of Turbulent Bunsen Flames

Description: From Introduction and Summary: "In the assessments of research objectives after World War II it was brought out that little effort had yet been expended on an understanding of turbulent flames.The present report deals exclusively with a second stage of work which was carried out between November 1954 and August 1959. This summary report includes a few new data, but its chief purpose is to reorient the findings toward a better appreciation of what has been accomplished and what most profitably might be done in the near future."
Date: 1962
Creator: Burgess, David

Kinetics of the Reactions of Carbon Dioxide and Steam with Coke

Description: From Summary: "To incorporate the role of diffusional resistance in the rate equations it is essential that the solid state of the carbons be better understood; that is, their microporosity, crystallinity, and electronic state of free and oxygen-containing reaction sites. The importance of the solid state to kinetic behavior has been stressed throughout the text."
Date: 1962
Creator: Ergun, Sabri

The Chemistry and Catalytic Properties of Cobalt and Iron Carbonyls

Description: From Introduction: "Although the objectives and plans have emerged from studies of the Fischer-Trophsch reaction, the most general purpose has been to conduct fundamental studies on the mechanism of catalytic action. With few exceptions, this report work performed through 1957."
Date: 1962
Creator: Wender, Irving; Sternberg, Heinz W.; Friedel, Robert A.; Metlin, Sol J. & Markby, Raymond E.

Design of Underground Openings in Competent Rock

Description: From Summary: "This report presents methods and principles useful in designing underground mine openings and pillars in competent rock formations. Two types of formations are considered: (1) Massive formations, in which openings are generally mined with an arched roof, and (2) bedded formations, in which openings are generally mined with a flat roof."
Date: 1960
Creator: Obert, Leonard; Duvall, Wilbur I. & Merrill, Robert H.

Control of Fires in Inactive Coal Formations in the United States

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of this Bulletin, in addition to presenting a history and description of Bureau activities in controlling these fires, is to provide the mining industry and the public with information concerning methods of controlling fires in inactive coal formation. The Bulletin is intended to serve as a guide to the public and more specifically to mining supervisory personnel and engineers who may be called upon to extinguish such fires."
Date: 1960
Creator: Griffith, F. E.; Magnuson, M. O. & Toothman, G. J. R.

Entrainment Carbonization of Texas Lignite

Description: From Abstract: "This bulletin is a detailed study of low-temperature, entrained-bed carbonization of a Texas lignite. The lignite was from the Sandow strip mine and is representative of the Rockdale formation of the Wilcox formational group.
Date: 1967
Creator: Landers, W. S.; Gomez, Manuel & Wagner, E. O.

Determination of Phenols in Coal Tars and Hydroxyl Groups in Coal by Forming Trimethylsilyl Ethers

Description: From Introduction: "This report reviews related previous work and describes studies by the Bureau of Mines on (1) the development of new methods for analyzing phenols, (2) the development of a specific method for the determination of phenolic hydoxyl groups in coal, and (3) the preparation and properties of trimethylsiyl derivatives of individual phenols."
Date: 1963
Creator: Friedman, Sidney; Zahn, Charles; Kaufman, Marvin & Wender, Irving

Composition of Shale-Oil Naphtha

Description: From Summary: "This report describes the analysis if shale-oil naphthas and discusses their composition, based on investigation by the Federal Bureau of Mines. Individual compounds identified in this investigation. are listed, together with those reported previously in the literature. Also, quantitative data are given on the occurrence of individual compounds and groups of related compounds."
Date: 1961
Creator: Dinneen, G. U.; Van Meter, R. A.; Smith, J. R.; Bailey, C. W.; Cook, G. L.; Allbright, C. S. et al.