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Primary view of Termites in buildings.
Snyder, Thomas Elliott, b. 1885.
June 1929
Primary view of Straighthead of rice and its control.
Tisdale, W. H. (Wendell Holmes), b. 1892. & Jenkins, J. Mitchell.
Primary view of Lime-sulphur concentrate : preparation, uses and designs for plants.
Siegler, E. H. & Daniels, Ara Marcus, b. 1884.
December 1922
Primary view of The club wheats.
Clark, J. Allen (Jacob Allen), b. 1888. & Martin, John H. (John Holmes), 1893-
Primary view of Motor trucks on Corn-Belt farms.
Tolley, H. R. (Howard Ross), 1889-1958. & Church, L. M. (Lillian M.), 1872-1939.
March 1923
Primary view of Buying a farm in an undeveloped region.
Henderson, B. (Bertha)
January 1924
Primary view of The striped blister beetle on soy beans.
Ingram, J. W. (Jesse Wilburn), b. 1900.
December 1927
Primary view of Game laws for the season 1924-25 : a summary of federal, state, and provincial statutes.
Lawyer, Geo. A. (George A.) & Earnshaw, Frank L.
August 1924
Primary view of Cow-testing associations, and stories the records tell.
McDowell, J. C. (John Chambers), 1867-1943.
June 1925
Primary view of Care and improvement of the farm woods.
Tillotson, C. R. (Claude Raymond), 1883-
March 1922
Primary view of Insect and fungous enemies of the grape.
Quaintance, A. L. (Altus Lacy), 1870-1958 & Shear, C. L. (Cornelius Lott), 1865-1956.
Primary view of Farm practices under corn-borer conditions.
Tapp, Jesse W. (Jesse Washington), 1898-; Collier, George W., 1897- & Arnold, C. R. (Carl R.), 1891-
January 1928
Primary view of The bulk handling of grain : with special reference to the Pacific Coast states.
Bates, E. N. (Erastus Newton), 1879- & Rush, A. L. (Albert Levi), 1870-
October 1922
Primary view of What tractors and horses do on Corn-Belt farms.
Reynoldson, L. A. (Le Roy August), b. 1886. & Tolley, H. R. (Howard Ross), 1889-1958.
Primary view of Rural planning : the social aspects.
Nason, W. C. (Wayne Crocker), b. 1874.
May 1923
Primary view of Varieties of hard red winter wheat.
Clark, J. Allen (Jacob Allen), b. 1888. & Quisenberry, Karl S.
June 1929
Primary view of The southern pine beetle : a serious enemy of pines in the South.
St. George, R. A. (Raymond Alexander), b. 1894. & Beal, J. A. (James Allen), 1898-
May 1929
Primary view of The boll-weevil problem.
Hunter, W. D. (Walter David), 1875-1925. & Coad, B. R.
June 1923
Primary view of Back-yard poultry keeping.
Slocum, Rob R. (Rob Roy), 1883-1944 & Lee, Alfred R., b. 1887
Primary view of Controlling the gipsy moth and the brown-tail moth.
Burgess, A. F. (Albert Franklin), 1873-
July 1923
Primary view of The strawberry rootworm as an enemy of the greenhouse rose.
Weigel, C. A. (Charles Adolph) & Doucette, Charles F. (Charles Felix), 1898-
July 1923
Primary view of Standard varieties of chickens : I. The American class.
Slocum, Rob R. (Rob Roy), 1883-1944. & Lee, Alfred R., b. 1887.
July 1923
Primary view of Clothes moths and their control.
Back, E. A. (Ernest Adna), 1886-
July 1923
Primary view of The yellow-fever mosquito.
Howard, L. O. (Leland Ossian), 1857-1950.
October 1923