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The Analytical Distillation of Petroleum and its Products

Description: From Introduction: "The Bureau of Mines has studied apparatus and procedure for the distillation analysis of petroleum, and this report is presented as a record of developments up to the present time. The work is incomplete, but the extensive information that has been obtained to date is made available as a guide in handling laboratory distillation problems."
Date: 1922
Creator: Dean, E. W.; Hill, H. H.; Smith, N. A. C. & Jacobs, W. A.

Beneficiation and Utilization of Georgia Clays

Description: From Introduction: "This report is divided into six parts as follows: (1) Occurrence of clays in Georgia and the source of the clays tested; (2) washing tests; (3) physical test; (4) utilization of kaolins white ware; (5) utilization of clays in refractories; and (6) utilization of clays in face brick."
Date: 1926
Creator: Stull, R. T. & Bole, G. A.

Oxides in Pig Iron: Their Origin and Action in the Steel-Making Process

Description: From Introduction: "In summarizing the evidence in the literature it is apparent that there is general agreement among furnace men on the existence of so-called "bad-iron." It is also evident that the existence of dissolved or occluded gases is not an explanation. The presence of suspended oxides has been proved, and at least one plausible explanation for their formation has been given."
Date: 1929
Creator: Herty, C. H., Jr. & Gaines, J. M., Jr.

Methods, Costs, and Safety in Stripping and Mining Coal, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Bauxite, and Pebble Phosphate

Description: From Extent of Open-Pit Mining and Purpose of this Publication: "Various methods and machines are employed, and costs are low; in fact, costs have to be low because coal and ores command a low price on the market. These factors, together with queries on methods and costs of stripping and the increase in open-pit mining, have justified investigation by the Bureau of Mines for this form of mining and publication of the results in this report."
Date: 1929
Creator: United States. Bureau of Mines.

Mine Timber: Its Selection, Storage, Treatment, and Use

Description: From Introduction Purpose and Scope of Bulletin: "The purpose of this bulletin is to point out some of the benefits and economies to be derived by selecting, preparing, storing, pre-serving, and utilizing mine timber more carefully and to give some specific information on certain preservatives and processes suitable for mine timber."
Date: 1925
Creator: Hornor, R. R. & Tufft, Harry E.

Manual of Testing Methods for Oil Shale and Shale Oil

Description: From Introduction: "This paper is presented, therefore, as a manual of apparatus and methods that the bureau has developed for work on oil shale and found satisfactory for routine tests and for research. Explanation and discussion of the principles underlying the methods of testing are included wherever necessary for a clearer understanding."
Date: 1926
Creator: Karrick, Lewis C.

Possibilities for the Commercial Utilization of Peat

Description: From Introduction: "The characteristics of the numerous varieties and types of peat and their geographic distribution in the United States have been discussed at length in those publications. This report therefore considers these topics only in their relation to the subjects specified in the following act (40 Stat. 1154) authorizing the investigation described herein."
Date: 1926
Creator: Odell, W. W. & Hood, O. P.

Gases from Blasting in Tunnels and Metal-Mine Drifts

Description: From Introduction: "This paper gives the results of sampling the gases from blasting drift rounds at five mines-the United Verde Extension, Calumet & Arizona, Old Dominion, Mountain Copper, and the United Verde-and of tunnel rounds at the Big Creek water tunnel and Moffat railroad tunnel. The paper also describes the rounds blasted and the methods of sampling and analyzing the gases. In all, 99 rounds were fired and 376 samples were taken."
Date: 1927
Creator: Gardner, E. D.; Howell, S. P. & Jones G. W.

The Chloride Volatilization Process of Ore Treatment

Description: From Introduction: "This bulletin aims ti bring the salient features of the process to the attention of metallurgists for the purpose of furnishing information to and receiving comments from interested parties with the ultimate hope that the process will be a commercial success."
Date: 1923
Creator: Varley, Thomas; Barrett, E. P.; Stevenson, C. C. & Bradford, Robert H.

Central District Bituminous Coals as Water-Gas Generator Fuel

Description: From Introduction Scope of Investigation: "The purpose of the present paper is to discuss, in some detail, the principles involved in water-gas manufacture as they apply to the use of bituminous generator fuel; and to discuss in more detail the results obtained in the Streator tests and the application in other plants of the operating methods."
Date: 1924
Creator: Odell, W. W. & Dunkley, W. A.

Drilling and Blasting in Open-Cut Copper Mines

Description: From Introduction: "The drilling and blasting practices described in this bulletin are chiefly those in use at the time of these visits. Information, obtained by correspondence, on recent changes at certain mines is also included. The bulletin is confined to descriptions and comparisons of drilling and blasting methods at the six open-cut mines."
Date: 1927
Creator: Gardner, E. D.

Extinguishing and Preventing Oil and Gas Fires

Description: From Introduction: " As the subject of oil and gas is necessarily broad, no attempt is made in this bulletin to treat it exhaustively; rather the bulletin aims to point out what has been done by operators in the past, and to describe various fire-prevention methods and fire-fighting apparatus which are being used or adopted by many of the larger oil companies. These methods and apparatus, it is believed, if universally employed by operators, will largely decrease the present enormous annual losses."
Date: 1920
Creator: Bowie, C. P.

Electric Shot-Firing in Mines, Quarries, and Tunnels

Description: From Introduction: "Data collected by the Bureau of Mines indicate the United States a large percentage of the blasting in quarries, shafts, and tunnels, and from 15 to 25 percent of the blasts in mining operations, are set off electrically. The Bureau of Mines is interested in electric shot-firing because of its use in mining, and especially because electric methods, when properly applied, are undoubtedly safer than other methods commonly used."
Date: 1926
Creator: Ilsley, L. C. & Hooker, A. B.

Explosion Hazards From the Use of Pulverized Coal at Industrial Plants

Description: From Introduction: "This bulletin, therefore, presents both bad and the good features of pulverized-coal plants and gives recommendations for safe installation and operation. Consequently, in the preparation of this bulletin much of the material on explosions in plants is based on the results of tests at the experimental mine and in the laboratory dust gallery."
Date: 1925
Creator: Tracy, L. D.