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Earthworms as pests and otherwise.
Describes attributes of the earthworm; describes how earthworms can be both useful and damaging.
Growing Rye in the Western Half of the United States.
Describes the different types of rye grown in the western United States, and methods for planting and harvesting it.
Eliminating Bats From Buildings.
Describes the habits of bats and possible places they choose to live, including houses. Provides various methods for repelling them. Argues against killing bats except as a last resort.
Improved Sanitation in Milk Production.
Provides instructions for sanitary milk production. Discusses the importance of sanitary methods to protect milk during transportation from the farm to the city, thus improving the milk supply for growing urban populations.
Gullies: How to Control and Reclaim Them.
Outlines the importance of gullies and their function as a method of irrigation; details methods of controlling and maintaining gullies. Also outlines the potential negative effects that poorly maintained gullies can have on highways and grazing lands.
Spray irrigation in the eastern states.
A guide to planning and construction of spray irrigation systems for home gardens or fields up to 5 acres in size.
Making cellars dry.
Describes various methods of keeping cellars and basements dry, as well as methods for improving ruined or old cellars and basements.
Farmhouse plans.
This bulletin presents 40 house plans including: 1-story growing houses; 1-story houses originally built with two or more separate bedrooms; houses of 1-1/2 or 2 stories; and very small houses.
Sheep and Goat Lice: Methods of Control and Eradication.
Describes common species of sheep and goat lice, and methods for their control.
Preventing Feed Flavors and Odors in Milk.
Describes the causes of abnormal flavors and odors in milk; provides methods for ensuring the palatability of milk by controlling cattle feeds and production practices.