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Primary view of Casting and Fabrication of Core Material For Argonne Low Power Reactor Fuel Elements
Salley, R. L. & Burt, W. R., Jr.
December 1959
Primary view of Hazard Summary Report on the Experimental Boiling Water Reactor (EBWR)
West, J. M.; Dietrich, J. R.; Jameson, A. S.; Anderson, G. A.; Harrer, J. M. & Brush, H. F.
Primary view of Design of the Argonne Low Power Reactor (ALPR)
Hamer, E. E.; Grant, N. R.; Hooker, H. H.; Jorgensen, G. L.; Kann, W. J.; Lipinski, W. C. et al.
May 1961
Primary view of Experimental Breeder Reactor-II (EBR-II) Shield Design
Grotenhuis, M.; McArthy, A. E. & Rossin, A. D.
September 1962
Primary view of Dynamic Analysis of Coolant Circulation in Boiling Water Nuclear Reactors
Sanathanan, Chathilingath K.
April 1964
Primary view of The Control of Condensation Heat Transfer Rates Using an Electromagnetic Field
Singer, Ralph M.
July 1964
Primary view of An Experimental Investigation of Two-Phase, Two-Component Flow in a Horizontal, Converging-Diverging Nozzle
Vogrin, Joseph A., Jr.
July 1963
Primary view of Development of an Electrical Resistivity Probe For Void-Fraction Measurements in Air-Water Flow
Nassos, George P.
June 1963
Primary view of The Facility 350 Helium-Atmosphere System
Mayfield, R. M.; Tope, W. G. & Shuck, A. B.
December 1962
Primary view of Description and Proposed Operation of the Fuel Cycle Facility for the Second Experimental Breeder Reactor (EBR-II)
Hesson, J. C.; Feldman, M. J. & Burris, L.
April 1963
Primary view of Fabrication of UO2-Stainless Steel Dispersion Fuel For Borax-V Nuclear Superheat
Kramer, W. C. & Bean, C. H.
December 1963
Primary view of Design Summary Report on the Juggernaut Reactor
Folkrod, J. R.; Ember, G.; Kolb, W.; Saluja, J. & Moon, D. P.
September 1962
Primary view of Design and Hazards Summary Report Boiling Reactor Experiment V (BORAX V)
Argonne National Laboratory
May 1961
Primary view of Hazard Evaluation Report on the Fast Reactor Zero Power Experiment ZPR-III
Long, J. K.; McVean, R. L.; Thalgott, F. W. & Novick, M.
October 1961
Primary view of Corrosion Studies of Ternary Zirconium Alloys in High-Temperature Water and Steam
Misch, R. D. & Van Drunen, C.
July 1961
Primary view of EBR-II Dry Critical Experiments Experimental Program, Experimental Procedures, and Safety Considerations
Koch, L. J.; Loewenstein, W. B.; Lovoff, A.; Hooker, H. H.; Monson, H. O.; Ramp, R. L. et al.
February 1961
Primary view of An Evaluation of Reactor Concepts for Use As Separate Steam Superheaters
Lennox, D. H.; MacFarlane, D. R.; Brubaker, R. C.; Martinec, E. L.; Rohde, R. R.; Toppel, B. J. et al.
October 1961
Primary view of Hazards Summary Report on the Oxide Critical Experiments
Redman, W. C.; Thie, J. A. & Dates, L. R.
April 1957
Primary view of The Fabrication of Certain Jacketed Uranium Helices
Yaggee, F. L.
May 1957
Primary view of Boiling Water Reactor Technology Status of the Art Report: Volume 1., Heat Transfer and Hydraulics
Lottes, P. A.
February 1962
Primary view of A General Method for Comparing Thermal Performance of Fuel Element Geometries and Coolants for Non-Boiling Reactors
Freund, G. A. & London, A. L.
January 1957
Primary view of The Electrical Design of the EBR-II
Verber, F. & Schmidt, H. L.
June 1966
Primary view of A Computer Program for the Kinetic Treatment of Radiation-Induced Simultaneous Chemical Reactions
Schmidt, Klaus H.
April 1966
Primary view of Bending of Circular Plates Under A Variable Symmetrical Load
Heap, J. C.
April 1964