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The band.
Provides guidance on the organization and duties of the military band.
75-mm howitzer materiel.
This is a World War II-era technical manual for the 75mm Howitzer. It contains information on use, maintenance, assembly, and other aspects of this weapon.
The Plum Island Animal Disease Laboratory.
Examines the research facilities at the Plum Island Animal Disease Laboratory and provides information regarding its location, the organization, and the types of research and service provided.
New landmarks of soil conservation.
Discusses various methods for protecting and conserving soil.
Quality Guides in Buying Ready-Made Dresses.
Provides advice for judging the quality of dresses based on the fabric used, the cut, and the workmanship.
Improving poultry through the National Poultry Improvement Plan.
Describes a national plan to improve poultry standards and production in the United States.
Present Guides for Household Buying.
Provides suggestions for buying materials for the household, including food, clothing, cleaning equipment, appliances, and other items.
The church and agricultural progress.
Describes the role of agriculture in the United States from a Christian perspective.
Cleanup week : don't give fire a place to start.
Describes steps to take for spring cleaning to prevent fires and accidents in the home.
Don't give fire a place to start!
Describes steps to take for spring cleaning to prevent fires and accidents in the home.
Visiting people on a dairy farm.
Describes life on a dairy farm through the eyes of one Maryland family, the Schwartzbecks.
Eradicating Tuberculosis From Poultry and Swine.
Describes tuberculosis and provides steps for preventing and combating the disease in poultry and swine.
Crested Wheatgrass.
Discusses crested wheatgrass in the United States: its adaptation, its planting, its harvesting, and its use.
Timothy Seed Production.
A guide to the production and marketing of timothy seed throughout the United States.
Growing the Jerusalem Artichoke.
Describes the growth of Jerusalem artichokes in different areas of the United States. Provides suggestions for planting and harvesting.
Excluding Birds From Reservoirs and Fishponds.
Describes methods of removing birds from sources of drinking water, such as fishponds and reservoirs.
Carpet Beetles.
Describes the common types of carpet beetles, their life cycles, and methods of control.
Production of Radishes.
Describes the varieties of radishes and the best practices for growing and marketing them.
Legumes in Soil Conservation Practices.
Describes measures for preventing soil erosion through the planting of legumes.
Soybeans for the Table.
Describes the versatile nature of the soybean in cooking and provides recipes which contain soybeans.
Preventing Gin Damage to Cotton.
Describes methods for checking ginning equipment to prevent damage to cotton.
Dresses Designed for Little Girls.
Provides suggestions for the design, construction, and evaluation of dresses made for girls aged 2 to 6. Includes advice about design features, fabric selection, and quality of workmanship.
Termites in Buildings.
Describes the characteristics of termites, the damage they cause to buildings, and methods of control.
Stable Flies: How to Control Them.
Describes characteristics of stable flies, the damage they cause, and methods of control.
Corrugation Irrigation.
Describes the corrugation irrigation process and explains how to implement this layout to irrigate close-growing crops.
The Imported Fire Ant: How to Control It.
Describes the characteristics of fire ants, the damage they cause, and methods for control.
Fire Departments for Rural Communities: How to Organize and Operate Them.
Provides steps to take for organizing, adopting, and maintaining fire departments in rural communities.
Farmhouse: Split-Level Expansible.
Summarizes a design and floor plan for a split-level farmhouse. Includes illustrations and photographs of the exterior and interior of the house.
Facts About Wind Erosion and Dust Storms on the Great Plains.
Describes the history and conditions of drought, wind erosion, and dust storms in the Great Plains; discusses long-range conservation programs and emergency measures.
Leather Bookbindings: How to Preserve Them.
Describes types of leather bindings for books and methods for preserving them.
Barberry eradication in stem rust control: wheat, oats, barley, rye.
Discusses the spread of stem rust in wheat, oats, barley, and rye due to the presence of certain species of barberry bushes; discusses eradication of these barberry bushes to control stem rust.
Ice Creams Frozen Without Stirring.
Provides recipes for mousse and other desserts.
Preventing Cracks in New Wood Floors.
Describes methods for preventing cracks caused by moisture in hardwood floors.
Pulp-Wood Crops in the Northeast.
Describes the process of cutting pulpwood for paper-making in the northeastern United States; summarizes results and conclusions about crop management, derived from intensive studies of pulpwood stands.
Hints on Coyote and Wolf Trapping.
Describes the steps taken to build and set traps for coyotes and wolves in the United States.
Porcupine Control in the Western States.
Describes the characteristics of porcupines in the western United States, the damage they cause, and methods of control.
English Sparrow Control.
Describes the damage caused by English sparrows and different methods of controlling them.
Why Some Wood Surfaces Hold Paint Longer Than Others.
Describes the different factors to consider when selecting wood to be painted.
Red-Squill Powder in Rat Control.
Describes the red squill plant that is used in powder form for rat control.
Rabbit Recipes.
Recipes for dishes made with rabbit meat.
Fertilizers for Pecan Soils.
Describes the natural soils where pecan trees grow and the different types of fertilizers used to improve the soils.
Boning Lamb Cuts.
Describes the process of deboning lamb meat.
Bracing Farm Buildings.
Describes steps for creating a brace system for farm buildings in order to prevent distortion and collapse.
Cooking Cured Pork.
Provides recipes for cooking cured pork.
More Turpentine, Less Scar, Better Pine.
Describes methods for increasing yields and profits from pine trees with less damage to the tree.
Preparing Wool for Market.
Provides instructions for shearing a sheep and preparing the wool for market.
Red-Clover Seed Production in the Intermountain States.
Describes the areas where red clover can be grown and provides suggestions for planting, growing, and harvesting it.
Huron Timothy.
Describes the Huron variety of timothy-grass, where and how it grows, and provides recommendations for cultivation.
Timber Growing and Logging Practice in the Northeast: Measures Necessary to Keep Forest Land Productive and to Produce Full Timber Crops.
Discusses timber-growing in the different regions of the northeastern United States. Provides recommendations for maintaining productivity in forested areas.
Corn growers : would you deliberately throw away millions of dollars?
Explains how farmers can save money through orderly marketing by using the Commodity Credit Corporation price-support program.