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Primary view of Straighthead of rice and its control.
Tisdale, W. H. (Wendell Holmes), b. 1892. & Jenkins, J. Mitchell.
Primary view of The green-bug or spring grain-aphis : how to prevent its periodical outbreaks.
Walton, William Randolph, 1873-1952.
Primary view of A sawfly injurious to young pines.
Middleton, William, 1893-
June 1938
Primary view of Utilization of flue-heated tobacco barns for sweetpotato storage.
Miller, Fred E. (Fred Eaves), 1890- & Zimmerley, H. H. (Howard Henry), 1890-
November 1932
Primary view of Lime-sulphur concentrate : preparation, uses and designs for plants.
Siegler, E. H. & Daniels, Ara Marcus, b. 1884.
December 1922
Primary view of The club wheats.
Clark, J. Allen (Jacob Allen), b. 1888. & Martin, John H. (John Holmes), 1893-
Primary view of Motor trucks on Corn-Belt farms.
Tolley, H. R. (Howard Ross), 1889-1958. & Church, L. M. (Lillian M.), 1872-1939.
March 1923
Primary view of The wheat strawworm and its control.
Phillips, W. J. (William Jeter), 1879- & Poos, F. W.
March 1953
Primary view of Buying a farm in an undeveloped region.
Henderson, B. (Bertha)
January 1924
Primary view of Preparation of cabbage for market.
Spangler, Raymond L. (Raymond Leslie), 1896-
January 1956
Primary view of Selection of cotton fabrics.
O'Brien, Ruth, b. 1892
July 1931
Primary view of Simple plumbing repairs in the home.
Warren, George M. (George Milton)
Primary view of The tobacco budworm and its control.
United States. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. Division of Truck Crop and Garden Insect Investigations.
July 1953
Primary view of Marketing farm produce by parcel post.
Flohr, Lewis B.
May 1933
Primary view of The sorghum midge : with suggestions for control.
Walter, E. V. (Elmer Valentine), 1891-
Primary view of Earthworms as pests and otherwise.
Walton, William Randolph, 1873-1952
August 1935
Primary view of Planting and care of lawns.
Westover, H. L. (Harvey Leroy) & Enlow, C. R. (Charles Ranger), b. 1893.
Primary view of How to control grasshoppers in cereal and forage crops.
Parker, J. R. (John Robert), 1884- & Walton, William Randolph, 1873-1952.
April 1932
Primary view of Growing Christmas holly on the farm.
Coville, Perkins, 1898-
Primary view of Varieties of club wheat.
Clark, J. Allen (Jacob Allen), b. 1888. & Bayles, B. B. (Burton Bernard), 1900-
Primary view of Game laws for the season 1936-37 : a summary of federal, state, and provincial statutes.
Sheldon, H. P. & Grimes, Frank G.
October 1936
Primary view of Diseases of fur animals.
Shillinger, Jacob Edward, 1890-
July 1937
Primary view of Beef-cattle breeds for beef and for beef and milk.
Clark, R. T. (Richard Turnbull), 1902-1965
March 1958
Primary view of Land slugs and snails and their control.
United States. Entomology Research Division.
January 1959