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Primary view of The band.
United States. War Department.
March 31, 1941
Primary view of 75-mm howitzer materiel.
United States. Army. Ordnance Department.
June 21, 1941
Primary view of The Plum Island Animal Disease Laboratory.
United States. Agricultural Research Service. Animal Disease and Parasite Research Branch.
September 1956
Primary view of New landmarks of soil conservation.
United States. Soil Conservation Service.
Primary view of Quality Guides in Buying Ready-Made Dresses.
Scott, Clarice L. (Clarice Louisba), b. 1899
July 1934
Primary view of Improving poultry through the National Poultry Improvement Plan.
Zumbro, Paul B. (Paul Branson), 1904-; Buster, Melvin W. (Melvin Wright), 1894-; Sykes, J. D. (John Douglas), 1902-; Moore, S. A.; Carlson, Roy D., 1914-; Hemstra, L. C. et al.
April 1949
Primary view of Present Guides for Household Buying.
O'Brien, Ruth, b. 1892 & Ward, Medora M.
January 1936
Primary view of The church and agricultural progress.
Belew, M. Wendell; McCanna, Henry A.; Mueller, E. W. (Elwin William), 1908-1993. & O'Rourke, Edward W.
May 1962
Primary view of Cleanup week : don't give fire a place to start.
United States. Department of Agriculture.
Primary view of Don't give fire a place to start!
United States. Department of Agriculture.
February 1958
Primary view of Visiting people on a dairy farm.
United States. Department of Agriculture.
April 1981
Primary view of Eradicating Tuberculosis From Poultry and Swine.
Lash, Elmer
November 1933
Primary view of Crested Wheatgrass.
Westover, H. L. (Harvey Leroy) & Rogler, George A. (George Albert), 1913-
January 1941
Primary view of Timothy Seed Production.
Evans, Morgan W. (Morgan William), 1879-
February 1936
Primary view of Growing the Jerusalem Artichoke.
Boswell, Victor R. (Victor Rickman), 1900-
March 1959
Primary view of Excluding Birds From Reservoirs and Fishponds.
McAtee, W. L. (Waldo Lee), 1883-1962 & Piper, Stanley E. (Stanley Edward)
March 1937
Primary view of Carpet Beetles.
Back, E. A. (Ernest Adna), 1886-
March 28, 1938
Primary view of Production of Radishes.
Beattie, James H. (James Herbert), b. 1882 & Beattie, W. R. (William Renwick), b. 1870
March 1938
Primary view of Legumes in Soil Conservation Practices.
Pieters, A. J.
Primary view of Soybeans for the Table.
Whiteman, Elizabeth Fuller & Keyt, Ellen Kingsley
October 1938
Primary view of Preventing Gin Damage to Cotton.
Gerdes, Francis L. (Francis Leo), 1907- & Bennett, Charles A. (Charles Abel), b. 1889
Primary view of Dresses Designed for Little Girls.
Scott, Clarice L. (Clarice Louisba), b. 1899
August 1949
Primary view of Termites in Buildings.
Snyder, Thomas Elliott, b. 1885
June 1929
Primary view of Stable Flies: How to Control Them.
United States. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. Division of Insects Affecting Man and Animals.
May 1953