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Homogeneous Reactor Project Quarterly Progress Report: May-July 1957
Report issued by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory discussing quarterly progress made by the Homogeneous Reactor Program. Descriptions of progress and studies conducted are presented. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
The Preparation and Properties of Mammalian Ribonucleic Acids
"A method for the preparation of mammalian ribonucleic acids employing high concentrations of guanidine hydrochloride in the fractionation procedure is reported in this paper. Aside from the facility of preparation the method has the advantage of avoiding conditions of acidity and alkalinity which might degrade tissue ribonucleic acids and, by virtue of the protein denaturant action of guanidine salts, of minimizing the possibility for enzymatic degradation" (p. 3).
Electrodeposition of Aluminum and Zirconium on Uranium
Technical report outlining a method for the electrodeposition of adherent deposits of both aluminum and zirconium on uranium. Report finds that current efficiencies are good for aluminum deposition but low for the zirconium baths. [From Abstract]
Homogeneous Reactor Experiment Quarterly Progress Report [for] Period Ending August 31, 1950
Technical report containing the detailed design of the equipment within the reactor shield, reviewed in 1950. Contains various summaries on engineering design and development, reactor physics, chemical studies, and corrosion.
Homogeneous Reactor Project Quarterly Progress Report [for] Period Ending May 15, 1951
Technical report outlining the reconstitution of the Homogeneous Reactor Experiment Project (HRE) as the Homogeneous Reactor Project. Report covers the need for a broader developmental program to establish the feasibility of obtaining the potential advantages of homogeneous reactors for the production of fissionable materials and power. Details the ultimate objective of the ORNL program to provide the technical information required to determine the feasibility of a full scale plutonium power producing homogeneous reactor. [From Summary]
Analytical Chemistry Division Quarterly Progress Report for Period Ending March 26, 1951
Technical report covering experiments happening on the Analytical Chemistry Division's sites at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Includes information on ionic analyses, radio-chemical analyses, spectrochemical analyses, service analyses, inorganic preparations, analytical chemical control of homogeneous reactor solution, optical and electron microscopy, and service analyses for the period ending March 26, 1951. [From Abstract]