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Some Biological Effects of Ditching Tidewater Marshes

Description: Just a century ago some 625,000 acres of salt, brackish, and freshwater marshes bordered the Atlantic coast from Maine to Virginia. As early as 1885, however, work was begun to reclaim for agriculture considerable acreages of the fresher tidal lands. This research was conducted to study the effects of marshland drainage on plants, wildlife and wildlife habitat.
Date: 1950
Creator: Bourn, Warren Scudder

Otter Trawl Explorations in Philippine Waters

Description: A trawl fishery of considerable magnitude has developed in the Philippines since liberation from the Japanese in 1945. At the inception of the Philippines Fishery Program of the United States Fish and Wildlife Serve, the trawl fishery was using a Japanese beam trawl and was, for the most part, confined to Manila Bay. Realizing that the supply of fish badly needed by the Philippine public could be augmented by trawling, the program inaugurated exploratory fishing voyages to likely grounds and demonstrated the otter trawl in important fishing centers. Twenty-four areas were surveyed, and a number of drags sufficient to demonstrate the possibilities were made in each. The results are tabulated and described, along with the composition of the catch and catch by depth.
Date: 1950
Creator: Warfel, Herbert Elmer

Fish and Shellfish Preferences of Household Consumers

Description: "This report is an analysis of a nationwide survey in October 1951 of household consumers' preferences for fresh and frozen fish and shellfish. The survey was conducted under the auspices of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to aid the Nation's fishing industry, which is composed predominantly of small firms that find it difficult to make adequate contacts with consumers" (p. 1).
Date: 1955
Creator: Stolting, Walter H.

Duck Production Studies on the Prairie Potholes of South Dakota

Description: From introduction: "Determine the extent, distribution, and numbers of small water areas formerly and now present in the prairie pothole region of the Dakotas and Minnesota; to determine their importance to wildlife, the factors bringing about their disappearance, and to develop, if possible, methods for their preservation, if that appears warranted."
Date: March 1956
Creator: Evans, Charles D.

Tuna Longline Fishery and Fishing Grounds

Description: From introduction: The Japanese tuna fishery, which formerly had for its fishing grounds almost the whole western Pacific and a part of the Indian Ocean, wherein its small vessels roamed at will, was reduced by the Pacific war to such a nearly complete state of destruction that little was left to remind one of its former condition.
Date: January 1954
Creator: Nakamura, Hiroshi & Van Campen, Wilvan G.

Use of Electricity in the Control of Sea Lampreys: Electromechanical Weirs and Traps and Electrical Barriers

Description: From abstract: An account is given of experiments conducted in 1951 and 1952 with electro-mechanical and electrical barriers for the blocking and/or capture of sea lamprey runs in tributary streams of northern Lake Huron and northern Lake Michigan.
Date: December 1952
Creator: Applegate, Vernon C.; Smith, Bernard R. & Nielsen, Willis L.

Stream Catalog of Eastern Section of Ketchikan Management District of Southeastern Alaska

Description: From abstract: This report contains information about part of Southeastern Alaska salmon streams is cataloged from the voluminous records of the Fisheries Research Institute of the University of Washington, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska Salmon Industry, and Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and other agencies.
Date: April 1959
Creator: Martin, John Wilson