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Case Studies of Desalted Water for Irrigation

Description: Report studying the use of desalinated water for irrigation at three locations in Arizona and California. Costs and benefits are measured among several different areas, including multiple concentrations of desalinated water, different desalting methods, and the desalting process.
Date: March 1972
Creator: United States. Bureau of Reclamation.

Removal of Scale-Forming Compounds from Sea Water

Description: From introduction: "In the process of being developed under Contract No. 14-01-001-202 fertilizer grade phosphoric acid (or sodium phosphates obtained from reacting phosphoric acid and sodium hydroxide or soda ash) is mixed with sea water. The subsequent addition of ammonia causes the precipitation of solids which are then allowed to settle from water. The resulting descaled sea water is now ready for utilization in a water recovering plant."
Date: September 1962
Creator: W.R. Grace & Co.

Seawater Softening by Ion Exchange as a Saline Water Conversion Pretreatment

Description: From Introduction: "A pilot plant embodying these ideas, in an unusual method of softening, was designed and constructed by the Texas Division of The Dow Chemical Company. Two 4,000 gallon per day vapor compression evaporators were furnished for the testing program bu the Bureau of Yards and Docks of the United States Navy. This report summarizes the results of the testing program."
Date: May 1962
Creator: McIlhenny, W. F.

A Study of Large Size Saline Water Conversion Plants

Description: From Introduction: "The principal objective of this study is to digest the experience accumulated in the operation of the demonstration plants, and from this information, to arrive at the cost of fresh water when produced on a large scale. It is important to recognize that the costs, as calculated in this report, are based upon the state of development of the processes as exemplified and proven in the demonstration plants. The field is new, and the rate of development is such that further cost reductions may be expected."
Date: March 1963
Creator: Bechtel Corporation

Investigation and Preparation of Polymer Films to Improve the Separation of Water and Salts in Saline Water Conversion

Description: From Introduction: "As will be explained in more detail elsewhere in this report, casting methods and drying conditions have been found to have a drastic effect on film permeability to both water and salt. Errors that became evident in temperature control indicated that some of the previous high rates were obtained at temperatures considerably higher than the 100 degrees C that was intended and reported."
Date: December 1962
Creator: Monsanto Research Corporation

Vapor Compression with Secondary Heat-Transfer Media

Description: From Introduction: "The use of a secondary heat-transfer media in a vapor-compression distillation unit was suggested for investigation as a process for saline water conversion because previous studies on the vapor-compression cycle at low temperatures showed that the fixed charges on the compressor are a substantial part of the final water-product cast. Other fluids were evaluated as above, the results of which are shown in table 1. Data on the other fluids shown in table 1 will be found in the appendix."
Date: December 1961
Creator: H.K. Ferguson Company

Removal of Scale-Forming Compounds from Sea Water

Description: From Recommendations: "Laboratory research on the process for descaling sea water should be continued to improve the process and thereby lower the cost. Research efforts should be concentrated on methods for producing low cost sodium phosphates (needed for the precipitation of the scale-forming elements) from fertilizer grade phosphates and on increasing the crystalline nature of the phosphate precipitates (to reduce dewatering costs). The descaled sea water should be experimentally evaluated first in the laboratory and later under actual operating conditions so that its value to the water recovery program may be established."
Date: February 1962
Creator: W.R. Grace & Co.

Study and Field Evaluation of Solar Sea-Water Stills

Description: From Introduction: "This report describes the progress of the study and field evaluation of solar sea-water stills during the first 2 years of a research program being conducted for the Office of Saline Water, United States Department of the Interior, by Battelle Memorial Institute. The period covered by the report extends from January 20, 1958, to January 31, 1960."
Date: September 1961
Creator: Bloemer, J. W.; Collins, R. A. & Eibling, J. A.

Evaluation of a Thin-Film Sea Water Distillation Unit for Marine and Shore Base Application

Description: Report issued by the Office of Saline Water over studies conducted on a thin film sea water distillation unit. As stated in the summary, "a General Electric Thin Film Sea Water Distillation Unit designed for marine application has been evaluated. The results demonstrate the feasibility of the thin film process for this application. The technology made available by this work provides criteria for the design of compact equipment" (p. 1). This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: October 1961
Creator: General Electric Company

Demineralization of Saline Water by Electrically-Induced Adsorption on Porous Carbon Electrodes

Description: Report containing the summation of the desalination studies carried out by The University of Oklahoma Research Institute, including their theories of carbon demineralization, electrode development, and the cost estimates for a demineralization plant.
Date: March 1964
Creator: Murphy, George W.; Bloomfield, J. J.; Smith, Frank W.; Neptune, W. E.; Candle, Danny; Stevens, Arthur L. et al.

Research on Saline Water Conversion by Freezing

Description: From Introduction: "Progress of research related to problems encountered in processes for desalination by freezing is summarized in this report, which is the first annual progress report called for under the terms of Grant 14-01-0001-295 made to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by the Office of Saline Water in 1962."
Date: March 1964
Creator: Sherwood, T. K. & Brian, P. L. T.

Study of Multi-Phase Ejectors for Distillation Desalination Systems

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of this study was to investigate analytically the performance of various combination heat and work-input MPE desalination systems ranging from pure heat-input to pure work-input types. MPE desalination systems are described in the following section, while, the analytical methods and discussions of the results obtained are presented in the appendices."
Date: January 1964
Creator: Kemper, Clarence A.; Harper, George F.; Gouse, S. William & Leigh, John H.