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Applications of Waveguide and Circuit Theory to the Development of Accurate Microwave Measurement Methods and Standards
Report issued by the Bureau of Standards over "the basic theory and analytical methods used in the development of accurate microwave measurement methods and standards" (p. x). These methods are presented and discussed. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Conductive Flooring for Hospital Operating Rooms
Report issued by the Bureau of Standards over studies on the importance of conductive flooring in hospitals. Types of conductive flooring are compared, and tested. The methods and results are presented, and discussed. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
No Description Available.
Acceleration Due to Gravity at the National Bureau of Standards
No Description Available.
Capacities of Stacks in Sanitary Drainage Systems for Buildings
No Description Available.
The 1958 He4 Scale of Temperatures: Part 1. Introduction, Part 2. Tables for the 1958 Temperature Scale
Report containing information regarding He4 vapor pressure measurement as of 1958, the recent history of the vapor pressure temperature scale, and a series of tables containing these measurements.
Acid-Base Behavior in Aprotic Organica Solvents
No Description Available.
Effect of Mortar Properties on Strength of Masonry
Report issued by the National Bureau of Standards over studies conducted on the effects of mortar on the strength of masonry. Materials, methods, and results are presented and discussed. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Heat Treatment and Properties of Iron and Steel
From Abstract: "This Monograph has been prepared to give an understanding of heat treatment principally to those unacquainted with this subject. This Monograph has been prepared to answer such inquiries and to give in simplified form a working knowledge of the basic theoretical and practical principles involved in the heat treatment of iron and steel."
Sound Insulation of Wall, Floor, and Door Constructions
From Abstract: "The data obtained at the National Bureau of Standards on the sound insulating properties of building structures are summarized. A brief description of the sound-measuring techniques is given."
A Table of Radiation Characteristics for Uniformly Spaced Optimum Endfire Arrays with Equal Sidelobes
From Abstract: "Numerical results, in table form, on the required phases, the directive gain, the current excitations, the location of all the sidelobes and nulls, and the beamwidths for uniformly spaced optimum endfire arrays with equal sidelobes are given."
Preservation of Documents by Lamination
From Abstract: "Composition and performance specifications for a cellulose acetate laminating film suitable for a cellulose acetate laminating film suitable for archival use are presented. The properties of polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate films of interest in connection with their possible use for the protection of documents are discussed."
Project FIST: Fault Isolation by Semi-automatic Techniques
From Abstract: "This report describes the hardware required and discusses practical ways in which the necessary circuitry can be built into prime equipment."
Trace Characterization: Chemical and Physical
From Introduction: "This symposium focuses attention on the growing awareness of the necessity for developing and using better methods for characterizing solids. Many of the most interesting properties of solids depend directly upon these small concentrations of impurities and defects, and the illustration of this is a principal theme of this paper."
Time and Frequency: Theory and Fundamentals
From Abstract: "This is a tutorial Monograph describing various aspects of time and frequency (T/F). Included are chapters relating to elemental concepts of precise time and frequency; basic principles of quartz oscillators and atomic frequency standards; historical review, recent progress, and current status of atomic frequency standards; promising areas for developing future primary frequency standards; relevance of frequency standards to other areas of metrology including a unified standard concept; statistics of T/F data analysis coupled with the theory and construction of the NBS atomic time scale; an overview of T/F dissemination techniques; and the standards of T/F in the USA. The Monograph addresses both the specialist in the field as well as those desiring basic information about time and frequency."
Thermocouple Reference Tables Based on the IPTS-68
From Abstract: "Revised reference data for thermocouples have been generated in a cooperative program between groups of the National Bureau of Standards in Boulder and Gaithersburg.This Monograph contains tables, analytic expressions, various approximations, and explanatory text.
Thermocouple Materials
From Introduction: "The purpose of this paper is to present information on materials that are used from 0 degrees C up in thermocouples intended primarily as immersed temperature sensors, and to give so far as is practical properties of these materials that might affect their use in temperature measurement."
Realistic Uncertainties and the Mass Measurement Process: An Illustrated Review
From Abstract: "This paper gives a review of the concepts and operations involved in measuring the mass of an object. The importance of viewing measurement as a production process is emphasized and methods of evaluating process parameters are presented."
The Mechanics of Pneumatic Tires
From Abstract: "This treatise is an attempt to provide a rational descriptive and analytical basis for tire mechanics. Chapters of this book are contributed by active research workers in the fields of rubber and textile properties, friction, material properties, tire stress problems, tire design and construction, vehicle skid and handling, and tire mechanical properties."
Low Temperature Mechanical Properties Of Copper and Selected Copper Alloys: A Compilation From the Literature
From Abstract: "In the past 60 years considerable data have been accumulated concerning the mechanical properties of copper and its alloys.It was felt that there was great need to adequately document these results in one publication. Therefore a unique type of compilation is presented. The compilation is divided into four parts. The first section is intended for quick reference use for those who are interested in average values. The second section includes data from most of the investigators who have published results on the mechanical properties of copper and its alloys. The third section is composed of tables classifying the investigations which were not in section two. The fourth section section lists, in alphabetical order, all references used."
Hearing Aids
From Abstract: "This publication contains information, useful to the hard of hearing, on several topics relating to hearing and hearing aids. This publication represents an extensive revision of NBS Circular 534, Hearing Aids. It includes new material based upon research conducted at the National Bureau of Standards during the intervening years."
An Engineering Method for Calculating Protection Afforded by Structures Against Fallout Radiation
From Introduction: "The purpose of the paper is to discuss the assumptions and the reasoning by which the calculations described in the Engineering Manual were derived from the data in [1]. The relevant curves from [1] are given in Appendix A and the technical charts from the Engineering Manual are given in appendix B."
Fire Tests of Precast Cellular Concrete Floors and Roofs
From Abstract: "The results of an investigation of lightweight, precast cellular concrete planks are given. Fire tests were made of two floor and five roof specimens made up of these planks. Variables, included density of the cellular concrete, thickness and span of the planks, reinforcement, and cover for the latter."
Automatic Typographic-Quality Typesetting Techniques: A State-of-the-Art Review
From Introduction Purpose and Scope of Report: "This report is one of a series prepared for the Research Information Center and Advisory Service on Information Processing (RICASIP), and intended as a contribution to improved cooperation in the fields of information selection systems development, information retrieval research and mechanized translation."
The Development of Loran-C Navigation and Timing
From Abstract: "This work traces the development of the Loran-C concept from its inception as a 100-kHz pulse hyperbolic navigation system to more recent times when it found a variety of applications to both timing and navigation."
Electron Optical Studies of Low-Pressure Gases
From Abstract: "This document is the final report of research carried on in the Electron Physics Section of the National Bureau of Standards during the period from February 1, 1955 to March 1962 in developing an electron optical method for the visualization of low-pressure gas flow."
Analysis of Electric Energy Usage in Air Force Houses Equipped with Air-to-Air Heat Pumps
From Introduction: "One part of this study, which is presented in this Monograph, consists of an analysis of electric energy usage and electric power demand data obtained from a sample group of occupied houses at Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas, equipped with heat pumps, water heaters, cooking ranges, clothes dryers, and miscellaneous appliances all operated by electricity."
Electrical Parameters of Precision, Coaxial, Air-dielectric Transmission Lines
From Introduction: "Following the guidelines established by this committee, several commercially developed precision connectors have appeared on the market which have led to the wide use of the precision coaxial lines as immittance standards. This paper has been prepared to alleviate this situation by providing graphs from which the electrical parameters of the lines may be determined rapidly and accurately."
An Experimental Study of Phase Variations in Line-of-Sight Microwave Transmissions
From Introduction: "The purpose of this report is to present an analysis of time variations in: (1) the phase (relative to a stable phase reference) if a 9414 Mc/s signal transmitted over this path, referred to hereafter as single-path phase data; (2) the phase observed at one receiving antenna relative to that observed at an adjacent antenna, referred to as phase difference data; (3) atmospheric refractivity as recorded by a microwave refractometer located at the Haleakala terminal; (4) the wind velocity at both ends of the path, and (5) surface atmospheric refractivity measured at 5 stations located on or near the path."
Heat Treatment and Properties of Iron and Steel
From Abstract: "This Monograph is a revision of the previous NBS Monograph 18. Its purpose is to provide an understanding of the heat treatment of iron and steels, principally to those unacquainted with this subject. The basic principles involved in the heat treatment of these materials are presented in simple form." From Introduction: "This Monograph has been prepared to answer such inquires and to give in simplified form a working knowledge of the basic theoretical and practical principles involved in the heat treatment of iron and steel."
Climatic Charts and Data of the Radio Refractive Index for the United States and the World
From Introduction: "This Monograph has as its purpose the compilation and analysis of the extensive radio refractive index data available within the Central Radio Propagation Laboratory of the National Bureau of Standards. This will be accomplished by presenting both tabulations of basic data for specific locations and charts for interpolation to any location."
Platinum Resistance Thermometry
From Introduction: "This monograph describes the calibration of standard platinum resistance thermometers at the NBS including the equipment, techniques, and procedures."
A Compilation and Evaluation of Mechanical, Thermal, and Electrical Properties of Selected Polymers
From Abstract: "This compilation abstracts original experimental data on the mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of six commercially available polymers. The data are also summarized and a brief description of each polymer is included."
Nickel and Its Alloys
From Abstract: "This monograph reviews available information on the production, properties, and uses of high-purity and commercial forms of nickel, and on the properties and applications of its important alloys, both ferrous and non ferrous."
Mercury Barometers and Manometers
From Abstract: "Sources of error in measuring pressures are described in considerable detail, particularly for portable instruments including scale, temperature , gravity, capillarity, vacuum errors and return gas column. Methods of minimizing those errors and of making the corrections, including extensive tables, are presented."
Testing of Metal Volumetric Standards
From Purpose: "The specifications and tolerances contained in this Monograph should be of assistance to purchasers of metal capacity standards. The information on methods of calibration and use of these measures should prove valuable to weights and measures officials and those persons in industry who are concerned with measurements of volumes of fluids."
Radiation Patterns in the Lower Ionosphere and Fresnel Zones for Elevated Antennas Over a Spherical Earth
From Introduction: "The purpose of this work is to give the results of a detailed computation of antenna patterns in the ionosphere at VHF over a spherical earth."
Properties of High-Temperature Ceramics and Cermets: Elasticity and Density at Room Temperature
From Introduction: "The present paper contains detailed descriptions of the methods used in calculating both the elastic constants and the statistical parameters. These detailed descriptions have been included for two reasons: (1) To leave no doubt as to the exact procedure, and (2) to act as a guide to other workers who might wish to make similar determinations."
Standard Cells: Their Construction, Maintenance, and Characteristics
From Abstract: "This Monograph contains information on the construction, maintenance, and characteristics of standard cells. The effects of temperature, pressure, electric current, light, shock, and vibration on standard cells are discussed."
MeV Total Neutron Cross Sections
From Introduction: "This report is a compilation of the MeV Total Neutron Cross Section data measured at the U.S. National Bureau of Standards."
A Method for the Dynamic Determination of the Elastic, Dielectric, and Piezoelectric Constants of Quartz
From Abstract: "Several dynamic determinations have been made of the constants of quartz. Most of these determinations do not take into account the piezoelectric effect; those that do, suffer from certain deficiencies which are discussed in this paper."
Structure Shielding Against Fallout Radiation From Nuclear Weapons
From Purpose: "This Monograph is to assist scientists and engineers in the solution of problems of protection from ionizing radiation, particularly radiation from fallout."
Spot Diagrams for the Prediction of Lens Performance From Design Data
From Abstract: "This Monograph presents an outline of the methods used at the National Bureau of Standards to predict the performance of lenses from an analysis of their designs. The technique is based on the use of spot diagrams, which are analogs of star image tests, and makes extensive use of high-speed digital computers."
Investigation of the Exploding Wire Process as a Source for High Temperature Studies
From Introduction: "It is the purpose of this monograph to bring together and report the results of numerous exploding wire experiments performed at the National Bureau of Standards over the past five years."
Precise Measurement of Heat of Combustion with a Bomb Calorimeter
From Introduction: "This Monograph describes methods and apparatus used at the National Bureau of Standards in connection with several series of investigations of heats of combustion of aircraft fuels [4, 5, 6, 7]."
Investigation of the Hydraulics of Horizontal Drains in Plumbing Systems
From introduction: "In this paper, data obtained by Hunter and by the author are reported from laboratory investigations of (1) surge flow introduced into empty simply drains, (2) attenuation of surges in simple drains, (3) continuous full-section flow in simple drains under substantially steady, uniform conditions, (4) steady flow in compound drains, and (5) surge flow introduced through a branch drain into the side or top of a main drain carrying steady flow."
Calibration of Line Standards of Length and Measuring Tapes at the National Bureau of Standards
From Abstract: "The methods used at the National Bureau of Standards in calibrating line standards of length and measuring tapes submitted for standardization are outlined. The equipment used is described briefly. There is a discussion of some considerations that should be given as to whether or not a standard should be submitted to the Bureau."
Chemistry of Cement: Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium, Washington 1960, Volume 2
From Synopsis: "This paper deals mainly with cement paste in terms of its porosity, internal surface area, interaction between solid substance and evaporable water and related properties."
Amplitude-Probability Distributions for Atmospheric Radio Noise
Report providing detail measurements and percentages in charts, using three statistical parameters, for amplitude-probability distributions of atmospheric radio noise.
Methods for the Dynamic Calibration of Pressure Transducers
From Introduction Statement of Objectives: "The purpose of this publication is to provide assistance to the practicing engineer who is faced with the problem of making dynamic measurements of rapidly changing pressures."