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Primary view of A Practical Approach to Availability and Irreversibility
Hoglund, Barton M.
June 1963
Primary view of Five-year climatological summary, July 1949-June 1954, Argonne National Laboratory, DuPage County, Illinois
Moses, Harry, 1916-2004 & Willett, Jack H.
Primary view of Interim Report: Faret Experimental Program
Smaardyk, A.; Bump, T. R.; Handwerk, J. & Handwerk, J.
April 1963
Primary view of The Mass Transfer of Single, Solid Uranium Spheres to Flowing Molten Cadmium in Laminar and Turbulent Flow
Traylor, E. Dean
September 1965
Primary view of Hazard Summary Report Experimental Breeder Reactor II (EBR-II)
Koch, L. J.; Monson, H. O.; Okrent, D.; Levenson, M.; Simmons, W. R.; Humphreys, J. R. et al.
May 1957
Primary view of A Liquid-Metal Heat-Transfer Experiment
Holtz, R. E.
June 1965
Primary view of Pictorial Studies of Molecules 1: Molecular Orbital Density Comparisons of H2, Li2, B2, C2, N2, O2, and F2
Wahl, Arnold C.
July 1965
Primary view of A Report on Some Attempts to Case Centrifugally Fuel Elements of Small Diameter
Yaggee, F. L.
March 1961
Primary view of Optimization of Efficiency of a Cesium Diode Converter
Sanathanan, C. K.
March 1962
Primary view of Roll Cladding Uranium-Zirconium and Uranium-Zirconium-Niobium Alloys with Zircaloy-2 for Plate-Type Fuel Elements
Bean, C. H.; Macherey, R. E. & Lindgren, J. R.
February 1958
Primary view of The Period Effect in Reactor Dynamics
Carter, Joseph C.; Sparks, David W. & Tessier, Jack H.
April 1964
Primary view of Spectroscopy of Uranyl Salts in the Solid State
Rabinowitch, Eugene
November 1953
Primary view of A Survey of Prompt-Neutron Lifetimes in Fast Critical Systems
Brunson, G. S.; Curran, R. N.; Gasidlo, J. M. & Huber, R. J.
August 1963
Primary view of Testing of Containment Capabilities of Reinforced Concrete-Shielded Enclosures
Fistedis, S. H.; Heineman, A. H. & Janicke, M. J.
March 1963
Primary view of An Ultrasonic Measurement System for The Precise Determination of the Elastic Moduli of Single Crystals
Renken, C. J.
May 1961
Primary view of Proceedings of the AMU-ANL Summer Study Program
Pearson, C. V.
November 1962
Primary view of U.S. Participation in the OEEC Halden Reactor Project May 1959 to September 1960
Fromm, Leonard W., Jr.
December 1960
Primary view of On The Steady-State Thermal Stresses in Cylindrical Fuel Pins Due to Axial Variations in Their Internal Heat-Generation Rate
Valentin, Richard A.
December 1966
Primary view of XLIBIT: ANL Cross-section Library Code
Sparck, S. D.
February 1966
Primary view of Two-Phase Heat Transfer With Gas Injection Through A Porous Boundary Surface
Kudirka, A. A.
March 1964
Primary view of Heat Transfer, Flow Instability, and Critical Heat Flux For Water in a Small Tube At 200 psia
Weatherhead, R. J.
June 1963
Primary view of Casting and Fabrication of Core Material For Argonne Low Power Reactor Fuel Elements
Salley, R. L. & Burt, W. R., Jr.
December 1959
Primary view of The Control of Condensation Heat Transfer Rates Using an Electromagnetic Field
Singer, Ralph M.
July 1964
Primary view of Description and Proposed Operation of the Fuel Cycle Facility for the Second Experimental Breeder Reactor (EBR-II)
Hesson, J. C.; Feldman, M. J. & Burris, L.
April 1963