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Interim Report: Faret Experimental Program

Description: From Introduction: "The Fast Reactor Test (FARET) program is part of the United States Fast Reactor Program directed toward the demonstration of breeder reactors essential to the long-range goal of utilizing fertile fuels. (1) With-in this program is the current thinking that the early construction and operation of two or three prototype nuclear power plants of the order of 250 Mw(e) will lead eventually to the construction of practical and economic full scale breeder reactors by the early 1980's. (2)"
Date: April 1963
Creator: Smaardyk, A.; Bump, T. R.; Handwerk, J. & Handwerk, J.

Pictorial Studies of Molecules 1: Molecular Orbital Density Comparisons of H2, Li2, B2, C2, N2, O2, and F2

Description: From Review of Theory: " In practice, a very close approximation to the molecular orbitals can be obtained in this way. Recent calculations of this type, utilizing analysis and computer programs developed by the author, have resulted in the determination of the molecular orbitals for a large number of diatomic molecules in the form of Eq. (2). These functions, which are thought to be very close to the Hartree-Fock (i.e., the molecular orbitals demanded by theory) result, were used in the pictorial calculations presented in this report."
Date: July 1965
Creator: Wahl, Arnold C.

An Ultrasonic Measurement System for The Precise Determination of the Elastic Moduli of Single Crystals

Description: From Abstract: "The equipment described in this paper is based on the technique developed by McSkimin. Figure 1 shows a block diagram of the system. The oscilloscope presentation with no specimen present appears as shown in Figure 2a. At discrete frequencies, the pattern appears as shown in Figure 2b."
Date: May 1961
Creator: Renken, C. J.

On The Steady-State Thermal Stresses in Cylindrical Fuel Pins Due to Axial Variations in Their Internal Heat-Generation Rate

Description: From Introduction: "Specifically, we shall be concerned with the case of a solid right circular cylinder of infinite axial extent, having a stress-free outer boundary, being cooled by a temperature-independent boundary conductance, and having an axial heat-generation rate of form shown in Fig. 1. The inclusion of a radial dependence proportional to I^0(r/L) is only a minor complication in solving the required heat-transfer problem and, for reference, has been included in the solution for the temperature field to be found in Section II below."
Date: December 1966
Creator: Valentin, Richard A.

XLIBIT: ANL Cross-section Library Code

Description: From Introduction: "With the acquisition by the Laboratory of a Control Data 3600 computer in the fall of 1963, a joint reprogramming project was undertaken by the Laboratory's Applied Mathematics Division and the Control Data Corporation to develop one - and two-dimensional diffusion-theory and Sn transport-theory programs for the CDC-3600. The XLIBIT code described in this report was developed as a part of this project. XLIBIT is a CDC-3600 program designed to: 1) Prepare a cross-section library tape. 2) Modify an existing cross-section library tape. 3) Duplicate an existing cross-section library tape. 4) Print all or a portion of the cross-section data on the library tape. Punch cross-section decks for all or a portion of the data on the library tape. The decks produced are identical to those used in pertaining the tape."
Date: February 1966
Creator: Sparck, S. D.

Two-Phase Heat Transfer With Gas Injection Through A Porous Boundary Surface

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of this study is to investigate some of the hydrodyamic aspects of two-phase heat transfer in the lower quality range. The results of this study should contribute to a better and more thorough understanding of the processes and mechanisms affecting two-phase heat transfer, and in this way help in improving its prediction."
Date: March 1964
Creator: Kudirka, A. A.

Irradiation of an Aluminum Alloy-Clad Ceramic Pellet-Fueled Plate

Description: From Introduction: "An experiment, designated MTR-W10, was designed to determine the effects of high burnup on the cladding and fuel of an aluminum-1% nickel alloy (M-388)-clad ceramic pellet-fuelded plate if the type manufactured at Argonne for the BORAX-IV core. Conditions of irradiation were selected to allow local boiling at the high flux end of the plate at a pressure of 600 psig."
Date: May 1960
Creator: Gavin, A. P.

Transient Behavior of a Natural-Circulation Loop Operating Near The Thermodynamic Critical Point

Description: From Introduction: "Interest in utilizing natural-circulation loops to obtain results that aid in the design of some boiler and nuclear reactor coolant systems has focused attention on the dynamic behavior of such loops. Much analytical and experimental work has been done so as to permit predictions of the transient behavior of both single-phase and two-phase neutral-circulation systems. The analytical portion of the study consisted of simulating the loop by utilizing a digital computer to predict the measured transients."
Date: May 1963
Creator: Harden, Darrel G.

Calculations on U235 Fission Product Decay Chains

Description: Report of equations for calculating decay of U235. The introduction states" Calculations have been made on the U235 fission product decay schemes. The results for a typical example, that of a reactor operating at 1000 kilowatts for 180 days, have been tabulated and graphed. General formulae have been used so that the results can be applied for any power level and any time of irradiation" (p. 2).
Date: May 1952
Creator: Faller, I. L.; Chapman, T. S. & West, J. M.

Liquid MHD Power Cycle Studies

Description: Report issued by the Argonne National Laboratory discussing the magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) power cycle for liquid metals. The benefits, and different phases of the MHD power cycle are presented. This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: June 1965
Creator: Petrick, Michael & Lee, Kung-You

Survey and Status Report on Application of Acoustic-Boiling-Detection Techniques to Liquid-Metal-Cooled Reactors

Description: Report issued by the Argonne National Laboratory discussing acoustic-boiling-detection techniques. As stated in the abstract, "this report summarizes literature through June 1967 concerning acoustic methods. In the acoustic method for boiling detection, either acoustic waveguides or high-temperature acoustic sensors are recommended" (p. 1). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: April 1970
Creator: Anderson, T. T.; Mulcahey, T. P. & Hsu, C.

Pressure-Pulse Propagation in Two-Phase One- and Two-Component Mixtures

Description: Report issued by the Argonne National Laboratory discussing the propagation velocity of pressure pulses in two-phase mixtures. As stated in the abstract, "in this study, a comprehensive analytical development of the propagation velocity of small pressure pulses is presented for bubble, annular, stratified, droplet, and slug-flow regimes. Particular attention is given to the influence of flow regime on the momentum transfer between phases" (p. 9). This report includes tables, illustrations, and a photograph.
Date: March 1971
Creator: Henry, R. E.; Grolmes, M. A. & Fauske, H. K.

Design and Testing of a High-Heat Flux Electron-Bombardment Heater

Description: Report issued by the Argonne National Laboratory discussing the testing of an electron-bombardment heater. As stated in the abstract, "the applications of electron-bombardment heating to liquid-metal heat transfer and reactor safety experiments are discussed. The design of a high-heat-flux, electron-bombardment heater (EBH) is presented" (p. 7). This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: March 1968
Creator: Carlson, R. D. & Holtz, R. E.

A Hybrid-Computer Program for Transient Temperature Calculations on TREAT Fast Reactor Safety Experiments

Description: Report issued by the Argonne National Laboratory discussing a computer program used for fast reactor safety experiments. As stated in the summary, "this report gives a detailed description of a hybrid-computer program for calculating temperatures in a multi-region, axisymmetric, cylindrical configuration consisting of solid materials bounded by flowing coolant. Included is an explanation of the mathematical methods, together with a discussion of special features, input-output descriptions, and several sample problems" (p. 7). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: September 1967
Creator: Bryant, Lawrence T.; Dickerman, Charles E. & Stephany, William P.

A Generalized Computer Program for Flowsheet Calculation and Process Data Reduction

Description: Report issued by the Argonne National Laboratory discussing the PACER-65 computer program. As stated in the summary, the program "has been developed and utilized for flow sheet calculations and process-data reduction. PACER-65 is an executive program in which material- and energy-balance equations, conversion factors, etc., for each processing step are described by separate subroutines" (p. 5). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: April 1966
Creator: Koppel, L. B.; Alfredson, P. G.; Anastasia, L. J.; Knudsen, I. E. & Vogel, G. J.