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"Granite" Exploration Hole, Area 15, Nevada Test Site, Nye County, Nevada -- Interim Report: Part A, Structural, Petrographic, and Chemical Data

Description: From introduction: The "Granite" exploration hole was core drilled to determine the character of the igneous rocks from the surface to a depth of 1,200 feet and the degree of structural anisotropism of the rock within 200 feet of a point 950 feet below the surface. This report summarizes the data on the structure, chemistry, petrology and alteration of the rocks exposed at the surface in the immediate vicinity of the drill site and in the core.
Date: July 1959
Creator: Houser, F. N. & Poole, F. G.

Geology of the Marble Exploration Hole 4, Nevada Test Site, Nye County, Nevada

Description: From introduction: This report summarizes the information obtained during preparation of the lithologic log of the core and presents results of chemical analyses of marble samples collected from surface near the drill hole. The report was prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey on behalf of the Albuquerque Operations Office, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.
Date: October 1959
Creator: McKeown, F. A. & Wilmarth, V. R.

Geological Survey Investigations in the U12e.05 Tunnel, Nevada Test Site

Description: From introduction: The papers comprising the various parts of this report contain the preliminary results of the U. S. Geological Survey investigations in the Ul2e.05 tunnel at the Atomic Energy Commission's Nevada Test Site, Nye County, Nevada (fig. 1). Reports on electrical resistivity, natural radioactivity, and heat required to raise the rocks to 100C will be issued later. A preliminary report on the geologic effects of the Blanca event is being prepared.
Date: February 1959
Creator: Diment, William H.; Wilmarth, V. R.; Houser, F. N.; Dickey, D. D.; Hinrichs, E. Neal; Botinelly, Theodore et al.

A Summary Interpretation of Geologic, Hydrologic, and Geophysical Data for Yucca Valley, Nevada Test Site, Nye County, Nevada

Description: From scope of report: "This report summarizes an interpretation of the geology of Yucca Valley to depths of about 2,300 feet below the surface, the characteristic features of ground water in Yucca and Frenchman Valleys, and the seismic, gravity, and magnetic data for these valleys."
Date: January 1959
Creator: Wilmarth, V. R.; Healey, D. L.; Clebsch, Alfred, Jr.; Winograd, I. J.; Zietz, Isidore & Oliver, H. W.