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History of Dredging and Filling of Lagoons in the San Juan Area, Puerto Rico

Description: Abstract: Laguna La Torrecilla, Laguna de Pinones, Laguna San Jose, and Laguna del Condado, in the San Juan, Puerto Rico area, are located within a metropolitan area of more than 1 million people. Bathymetric maps made during the study, in 1973, showed that Lagunas La Torrecilla, San Jose, and del Condado have been modified by dredging and filling; whereas, Laguna de Pinones has remained in a near natural state. Laguna La Torrecilla has been dredged to a depth, in places, of about 18 metres, and Lagunas San Jose and del Condado, in places to about 11 meters. Dredging in the San Juan lagoons has been harmful, beneficial, and in a few instances has had little or no noticeable effect on the water quality. Usually, dredging in the connecting canals has been beneficial if the water entering the lagoons through the canals was of better quality than the water in the lagoon. Dredging in the mouths of lagoons has been beneficial; whereas, filling or blocking the mouths has been harmful.
Date: September 1976
Creator: Ellis, S. R.

Water Resources of the North Coast Limestone Area, Puerto Rico

Description: From introduction: The North Coast Limestone area is one of the two most important ground-water provinces of Puerto Rico--the other being the South Coast Alluvial aquifer. The investigation of the water resources of the South Coast has progressed to the point that at this time (mid-1971) an electric-analog model of the area is being prepared. The hydrology of the North Coast Limestones, however, was never investigated as a whole before this investigation, and, therefore, this study was designed to assess the most important hydrolic features of the area.
Date: February 1976
Creator: Giusti, E. V. & Bennett, G. D.

Ground Water in the San Juan Metropolitan Area, Puerto Rico

Description: From introduction: A post-drought analysis of the sources of water supply for the metropolitan area indicated a need for better knowledge of the ground-water resources. A study was implemented through the cooperative water-resources investigation program between Commonwealth agencies of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Geological Survey.
Date: July 1976
Creator: Anderson, Henry R.