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Wind-tunnel investigation of the drag and lateral-stability characteristics of a 1/22-scale model of a bomber airplane employing a low-aspect-ratio triangular wing

Description: Report presenting the results of an investigation of cross-sectional-area distribution, nacelle configuration, and landing-gear-fairing configuration on the minimum drag characteristics of a model of a four-engine bomber airplane with a low-aspect-ratio triangular wing. The lateral stability characteristics are also included.
Date: July 8, 1953
Creator: Phelps, E. Ray

Results of the flight test of a 0.13-scale rocket-boosted model of the McDonnell F4H-1 airplane between Mach numbers of 0.20 and 1.90

Description: Report discussing tests performed with a rocket-boosted model of the McDonnell F4H-1 airplane at transonic and supersonic speeds. Special attention is given to the external drag coefficient at various Mach numbers. Large pitching oscillations were also noted at Mach numbers between 0.20 and 1.17, which made it impossible to determine the drag at that range.
Date: November 8, 1957
Creator: Hastings, Earl C., Jr. & Dickens, Waldo L.

Tabulated Pressure Data for a Series of Controls on a 40 Deg Sweptback Wing at Mach Numbers of 1.61 and 2.01

Description: An investigation has been made at Mach numbers of 1.61 and 2.01 and Reynolds numbers of 1.7 x l0(exp 6) and 3.6 x l0(exp 6) to determine the pressure distributions over a swept wing with a series of 14 control configurations. The wing had 40 deg of sweep of the quarter-chord line, an aspect ratio of 3.1, and a taper ratio of 0.4. Measurements were made at angles of attack from 0 deg to +/- 15 deg for control deflections from -60 deg to 60 deg. This report contains tabulated pressure data for the complete range of test conditions.
Date: November 8, 1957
Creator: Lord, D. R.

Synthesis and hydrolysis-rate studies of decaborane derivatives

Description: Report discussing a series of experiments involving the reaction of water with decaborane and HEF-3, a boron fuel containing ethyldecaborane. The chemical properties of the hydrolysis reaction are described. Two isomers were also prepared to assist with the syntheses, and their melting points, molecular weights, and solubilities in certain solvents are included.
Date: October 8, 1957
Creator: Lucas, D. & Lipschitz, A.

Wind tunnel investigation at high subsonic speeds of drag at 0 degrees angle of attack of swept-wing fuselage models with pylon mounted and semisubmerged missiles

Description: Report discussing testing on two wing-fuselage models with 45 degree sweptback wings and various missile arrangements, one with pylons underneath the wing and one with the missiles semisubmerged in the sides of the fuselage. A comparison of the drag of both types of models was made.
Date: October 8, 1956
Creator: King, Thomas J., Jr.

Performance Characteristics of Several Divergent-Shroud Aircraft Ejectors

Description: Report presenting an investigation of ten divergent- and two cylindrical-shroud ejectors to determine internal ejector performance over a range of pressure ratios and expansion area ratios for Mach numbers up to about 3. Results regarding jet-thrust and air-handling characteristics and net-thrust performance are provided.
Date: September 8, 1955
Creator: Greathouse, William K. & Beale, William T.

Aerodynamic investigation of a parabolic body of revolution at Mach number of 1.92 and some effects of an annular jet exhausting from the base

Description: Report discussing an investigation of a parabolic body of revolution with and without the effects of an annular jet exhausting from the base. The aerodynamic characteristics, pressures, lift-curve slope, and other characteristics with the jet in operation and inoperative were compared.
Date: February 8, 1950
Creator: Love, Eugene S.

Aerodynamic characteristics of a wing with unswept quarter-chord line, aspect ratio 2, taper ratio 0.78, and NACA 65A004 airfoil section : transonic-bump method

Description: From Introduction: "This paper presents the results of an investigation of force and moment characteristics for a wing with an unswept quarter-chord line, aspect ratio 2, taper ratio 0.78, and an NACA 65A004 airfoil section parallel to the free stream."
Date: March 8, 1950
Creator: Polhamus, Edward C & Campbell, George S

Propeller section aerodynamic characteristics as determined by measuring the section surface pressures on an NACA 10-(3)(08)-03 propeller under operating conditions

Description: Report presenting a wind-tunnel investigation to determine propeller section aerodynamic characteristics by measuring surface pressure distribution on the airfoil sections of a rotating propeller. The pressures were measured at nine radial sections of the NACA 10-(3)(08)-03 two-blade propeller. Results regarding sectional critical Mach number, and aerodynamic coefficients are also presented.
Date: November 8, 1950
Creator: Evans, Albert J.

Some effects of fuselage interference, wing interference, and sweepback on the damping in roll of untapered wings as determined by techniques employing rocket-propelled vehicles

Description: Report presenting an experimental investigation utilizing rocket propelled vehicles in free flight to determine some effects of fuselage interference, wing interference, and sweepback on the damping-in-roll characteristics of untapered wings with an aspect ratio of 3.7 and NACA 65A009 airfoil sections between a range of Mach numbers.
Date: October 8, 1951
Creator: Bland, William M., Jr. & Dietz, Albert E.

Low-speed investigation of the effect of several flap and spoiler ailerons on the lateral characteristics of a 47.5 degree sweptback-wing-fuselage combination at a Reynolds number of 4.4. x 10(6)

Description: Report presenting an investigation of the low-speed lateral characteristics of a 47.5 degree sweptback-wing-fuselage combination with several flap and spoiler aileron arrangements. Results regarding aileron control characteristics, spoiler-control characteristics, and a comparison of the two are provided.
Date: December 8, 1950
Creator: Pasamanick, Jerome & Sellers, Thomas B.

Characteristics of perforated diffusers at free-stream Mach number 1.90

Description: An investigation was conducted at Mach number 1.90 to determine pressure recovery and mass-flow characteristics of series of perforated convergent-divergent supersonic diffusers. Pressure recoveries as high as 96 percent were obtained, but at reduced mass flows through the diffuser. Theoretical considerations of effect of perforation distribution on shock stability in converging section of diffuser are presented and correlated with experimental data. A method of estimating relative importance of pressure recovery and mass flow on internal thrust coefficient basis is given and a comparison of various diffusers investigated is made.
Date: May 8, 1950
Creator: Hunczak, Henry R & Kremzier, Emil J