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Primary view of Effects of Ancient Stream Channel Deposits on Mine Roof Stability: A Case Study
Ingram, David K. & Chase, Frank E.
Primary view of Determination of Phenols in Coal Tars and Hydroxyl Groups in Coal by Forming Trimethylsilyl Ethers
Friedman, Sidney; Zahn, Charles; Kaufman, Marvin & Wender, Irving
Primary view of Plastic, Agglutinating, and Free-Swelling Properties of American Coals
Walters, J. G.; Ode, W. H. & Spinetti, L.
Primary view of Structure and Propagation of Turbulent Bunsen Flames
Burgess, David
Primary view of Estimate of Known Recoverable Reserves of Coking Coal in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Wallace, Joseph J.; Dowd, James J.; Provost, John M.; Abernethy, R. F. & Reynolds, D. A.
September 1953
Primary view of Synthetic Liquid Fuels: Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior for 1951; Part 1 - Oil from Coal
unknown creator
July 1952
Primary view of Lignite in Greece
Toenges, Albert L.; Crentz, W. L.; Parks, B. C. & Abernethy, R. F.
Primary view of Carbonizing Properties: Pocahontas Number 6, Davy Sewell, and Fire Creek Coals from West Virginia and Upper and Lower Kittanning and Upper and Lower Freeport Coals from Pennsylvania
Davis, J. D.; Reynolds, D. A.; Brewer, R. E.; Wolfson, D. E.; Naugle, B. W. & Birge, G. W.
Primary view of Characterization of Tar Acids from Coal-Hydrogenation Oils
Woolfolk, E. O.; Golumbic, C.; Friedel, R. A.; Orchin, Milton & Storch, H. H.
Primary view of High-Sulfur Pittsburgh Coal: Upgrading in Southwestern Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia
Fraser, Thomas; Crentz, W. L. & Bailey, A. L.
Primary view of Underfeed Combustion, Effect of Preheat, and Distribution of Ash in Fuel Beds
Nicholls, P.
Primary view of Explosion Tests of Pittsburgh Coal Dust in the Experimental Mine, 1925 to 1932, Inclusive
Rice, George S.; Greenwald, H. P. & Howarth, H. C.
Primary view of Safety Cars of the United States Bureau of Mines
Forbes, J. J. & Ankeny, M. J.
March 1931
Primary view of Concrete Stoppings in Coal Mines for Resisting Explosions: Detailed Tests of Typical Stoppings and Strength of Coal as a Buttress
Rice, George S.; Greenwald, H. P.; Howarth, H. C. & Avins, S.
Primary view of Physical Testing of Explosives at the Bureau of Mines Explosives Experiment Station, Bruceton, Pennsylvania
Munroe, Charles E. & Tiffany, J. E.
Primary view of Sources of Limestone, Gypsum, and Anhydrite for Dusting Coal Mines to Prevent Explosions
Bowles, Oliver
Primary view of Stone Dusting or Rock Dusting to Prevent Coal-Dust Explosions, as Practiced in Great Britain and France
Rice, George S.
Primary view of Analyses of Samples of Delivered Coal: Collected from July 1, 1915 to January 1, 1922, with a Chapter on the Tidewater Pool Classifications
Snyder, Ned H.
Primary view of Coal-Dust Explosion Tests in the Experimental Mine 1913-1918, Inclusive
Rice, George S.; Jones, Lewis M.; Egy, Willard Leo & Greenwald, H. P.
June 1922
Primary view of Approved Explosion-Proof Coal-Cutting Equipment
Ilsley, L. C. & Gleim, E. J.
Primary view of Mining and Preparing Domestic Graphite for Crucible Use
Dub, George D. & Moses, Frederick G.
Primary view of Combustion of Coal and Design of Furnaces
Kreisinger, Henry; Augustine, C. E. & Ovitz, F. K.
Primary view of Manufacture of Gasoline and Benzene-Toluene from Petroleum and Other Hydrocarbons
Rittman, W. F.; Dutton, C. B. & Dean, E. W.
Primary view of Methods of Preventing and Limiting Explosions in Coal Mines
Rice, George S. & Jones, L. M.
April 1915