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Description: Batch denitration of synthetic Purex waste was investigated in 12 batch runs in the pilot plant denitration unit. Sugar was continuously added to 25 liters of hot waste. After sugar addition was complete, the hot solution was digested for several hours. The reaction proceeded smoothly and was easily controlled. About 19 to 22 moles of nitric acid were destroyed per mole of sugar with a reaction pot temperature of 100 deg C and a digestion period of 12 hours. About 17 moles of nitric acid were destroyed per mole of sugar when the reaction pot temperature was reduced to 95 deg C. A possible plant flowsheet for batch denitration with sugar was developed. This ilowsheet presumes batch denitration of large 2,500-gallon batches of waste in a standard 5,000-gallon Purex Plant tank and incorporates 12 hours of sugar addition and 12 hours of digestion. The flowsheet was successfully demonstrated in the pilot plant equipment. A 1.4M sugar solution was added to 25 liters of hot (100 deg C) waste for 12 hours and the mixture was digested for 18 hours. The initial nitric acid concentration was 6.14M. The residual nitric acid concentration was 0.94 and 0.90M after 12 and 18 hours of digestion, respectively. A residual carbon content equivalent to 1.9 and 0.4% of the total carbon fed as sugar was present after 12 and 18 hours of digestion, respectively. About 19 moles of nitric acid were destroyed per mole of sugar fed. Foaming was produced during batch denitration with sugar by addition of 0.4 gram of dibutyl phosphate per liter of synthetic waste. The addition of 0.2 gram of Dow-Corning Antifoam B per liter of waste reduced foam levels by about a factor of two. An induction period of about six to nine minutes was observed before the reaction started. ...
Date: March 29, 1963
Creator: Coppinger, E.A.


Description: The design and operation of a beam current integrntor are described, and the theory of operation is discussed. The instrument has two channels. The console channel is designed to measure the accumulation of charge received by a target during a period of a day no matter what the range used in the experimenter's chaanel. An analysis indicated that this unit will measure the accumulation of charge by a target to an accuracy of 0.1215% assuming that the constant error due to shorting the integrating capacitor is accounted for. The instrument is ranged to haadle from 0.5 to 500 mu a of beam current. (M.C.G.)
Date: January 1, 1962
Creator: Jacobs, J.


Description: Many-particle perturbation theory and diagram techniques are used to examine the effects of phonon-phonon interactions in an ideal insulating crystal. The perturbation theory and diagram techniques are introduced, and are used to obtain expressions for the free energy of an anharmonic crystal, correlation functions, thermal averages, the one-phonon Green function, and phonon lifetime and self-energy. Lattice thermal conductivity and the coherent scattering of thermal neutrons by nuclei in a perfect, single crystal are also treated. (D.C.W.)
Date: June 1, 1963
Creator: Kokkedee, J.J.J.