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Primary view of Uranium-Bearing Nickel-Cobalt-Native Silver Deposits, Black Hawk District, Grant County, New Mexico
Gillerman, Elliot & Whitebread, Donald Harvey
Primary view of Uranium Deposits in Fall River County, South Dakota
Bell, Henry & Bales, W. E.
Primary view of Uranophane at Silver Cliff Mine, Lusk, Wyoming
Wilmarth, Verl R. & Johnson, Donald H.
Primary view of Radioactive Deposits in New Mexico
Lovering, T. G.
Primary view of Carnotite-Bearing Sandstone in Cedar Canyon, Slim Buttes, Harding County, South Dakota
Gill, James R. & Moore, George William
Primary view of Criteria for Outlining Areas Favorable for Uranium Deposits in Parts of Colorado and Utah
McKay, E. J.
Primary view of Geology of the Happy Jack Mine, White Canyon Area, San Juan County, Utah
Trites, Albert F., Jr. & Chew, Randall T., III
Primary view of Geology and Uranium Deposits of the Southern Part of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
Sharp, William N. & Gibbons, Anthony B.
Primary view of Uranium Content of Ground and Surface Waters in a Part of the Central Great Plains
Landis, Edwin R.
Primary view of Geology of the Lost Creek Schroeckingerite Deposits, Sweetwater County, Wyoming
Sheridan, Douglas M.; Maxwell, Charles H. & Collier, John T.