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Primary view of Model Study of Marmet Lock Filling and Emptying System, Kanawha River, West Virginia: Hydraulic Model Investigation
Hite, John E., Jr.
May 1999
Primary view of Guadalupe River and Bypass Culvert, San Jose, California: Hydraulic Model Investigation
Hite, John E., Jr.
February 1998
Primary view of Burns Harbor, Indiana, Monitoring Study, Volume 1: Overview of Approach and Results
McGehee, David D.; Prickett, Terri; Shirley, Janean & Moritz, Heidi
March 1997
Primary view of Rehabilitation of the South Jetty, Ocean City, Maryland
Bass, Gregory P.; Fulford, Edward T.; Underwood, Steven G. & Parson, Larry E.
March 1994
Primary view of Beach and Borrow Site Sediment Investigation for a Beach Nourishment at Ocean City, Maryland
Anders, Fred J. & Hansen, Mark
May 1990
Primary view of Prototype Evaluation of Bay Springs Lock Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, Mississippi: Hydraulic Model Investigation
McGee, Richard G.
August 1989
Primary view of A Study of Sand Waves in the Panama City, Florida, Entrance Channel
Lillycrop, W. Jeff; Rosati, Julie Dean & McGehee, David D.
July 1989
Primary view of Coastal Processes at Sea Bright to Ocean Township, New Jersey: Volume 1, Main Text and Appendix A
Kraus, Nicholas C.; Scheffner, Norman W.; Hanson, Hans; Chou, Lucia W.; Cialone, Mary A.; Smith, Jane McKee et al.
August 1988
Primary view of Retrogressive Failures in Sand Deposits of the Mississippi River, Report 1: Field Investigations, Laboratory Studies and Analysis of the Hypothesized Failure Mechanism
Torrey, Victor H., III; Dunbar, Joseph B. & Peterson, Richard W.
June 1988
Primary view of Sweetwater River Channel Improvement Project, San Diego County, California: Hydraulic Model Investigation
Turner, Herman O., Jr.
February 1988
Primary view of Isabella Dam Spillway, Kern River, California: Hydraulic Model Investigation
Davis, W. G.
August 1987
Primary view of Generalized Monitoring of SEASCAPE® Installation at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, North Carolina
Forman, James William
February 1986
Primary view of Chemical and Biological Characterization of Black Rock Harbor Dredged Material
Rogerson, Peter F.; Schimmel, Steven C. & Hoffman, Gerald
September 1985
Primary view of Bioaccumulation of contaminants from Black Rock Harbor dredged material by mussels and polychaetes
Lake, James; Hoffman, Gerald L. & Schimmel, Steven C.
February 1985
Primary view of Filling and Emptying System, Walter Bouldin Lock, and Lock Culvert Valve for Coosa River Waterway, Alabama : Hydraulic Model Investigation
George, John F.
September 1984
Primary view of Columbia River Estuary Hybrid Model Studies: Report 1, Verification of Hybrid Modeling of the Columbia River Mouth
McAnally, William H., Jr.; Brogdon, Noble J., Jr.; Letter, Joseph V., Jr.; Stewart, J. Phillip & Thomas, William A.
September 1983
Primary view of Shoreline Movements, Report 1: Cape Henry, Virginia, to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, 1849-1980
Everts, Craig H.; Battley, Jeter P. & Gibson, Peter N.
July 1983
Primary view of Mission Bay Harbor, California, Design for Wave and Surge Protection and Flood Control: Hydraulic Model Investigation
Curren, Charles R.
June 1983
Primary view of Big Creek Flood-Control Project, Cleveland, Ohio : Hydraulic Model Investigation
Pickering, Glenn A.
April 1983
Primary view of Cavity Detection and Delineation Research, Report 1: Microgravimetric and Magnetic Surveys: Medford Cave Site, Florida
Butler, Dwain K.
March 1983
Primary view of Shoreline Movements, Report 2: Tybee Island, Georgia, to Cape Fear, North Carolina, 1851-1983
Anders, Fred J.; Reed, David W. & Meisburger, Edward P.
Primary view of Baltimore Harbor and Channels Deepening Study: Chesapeake Bay Hydraulic Model Investigation
Granat, Mitchell A. & Gulbrandsen, Leif F.
February 1982
Primary view of Large-Scale Operations Management Test of Use of the White Amur for Control of Problem Aquatic Plants, Report 2: First Year Poststocking Results, Volume 2: The Fish, Mammals, and Waterfowl of Lake Conway, Florida
Hardin, Scott; Land, Roy; Morse, Gary & Spelman, Mike
Primary view of Deterioration and Repair of Concrete in the Lower Monumental Navigation Lock Wall
Schrader, Ernest K.
June 1981