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Primary view of Phantom Gage Dimensioning (Combined Part/Gage specifications)
Roth, E. S.
July 1964
Primary view of Automatic Tester for Electrical Fuses
Longerot, Carl D.
November 1961
Primary view of A Pulse Ammeter
Newman, J. J.
August 1961
Primary view of Initial Peak Surge Current Detection Circuits
Conrad, Milo M.
February 1961
Primary view of The Sandia Corporation 12-inch Transonic Wind Tunnel Analog-to-Digital Data Gathering System
MacKenzie, Donald R.
January 1961
Primary view of Shock Signatures and Spectra from Railroad Switching Loads
Adams, P. H.
January 1961
Primary view of The Use of Compensation With Directional Couplers
Lincoln, Roland Alan
January 1961
Primary view of Vapor Pressures of the Rare Earths
Beavis, L. C.
December 23, 1960
Primary view of Prediction of Shock Response
Barba, Peter M.
November 1960
Primary view of Wind Tunnel Study of the Influence of Orifice Geometry and Flow Rates on the Measured Pressure Error of a Static Pressure Probe at Mach 3
Zumwalt, Glen W.
November 1960
Primary view of A Digital Comparator
Bourgeois, N. A., Jr.
September 21, 1960
Primary view of Vapor Pressures of the Rare Earths
Beavis, L. C.
August 2, 1960
Primary view of A High-Voltage Pulse Generator for Testing Dielectric Samples
Kelly, R. D.
July 13, 1960
Primary view of High Velocity Shock Testing, Equipment and Methods
Walker, Walter W.
July 11, 1960
Primary view of A Transistorized Reactivity Measurement System
Ehrman, Leonard
July 6, 1960
Primary view of A Class of Casualty Functions with Special Application to Circular Targets
unknown creator
July 1, 1960
Primary view of IBM Problem M Curves
Broyles, C. D.
June 29, 1960
Primary view of An Aid to Printed Circuit Layouts Using the IBM-704 Computer
Stearns, Samuel D. & O'Connell, R. A.
June 1960
Primary view of Note on the Numerical Evaluation of Integrals of the Form [integral] [superscript infinity] [subscript infinity] f(x) [golden ratio constant] (x) dx, with Particular Reference to the Determiniation of the Expectation of a Function of a Normally Distributed Random Variable
unknown creator
May 24, 1960
Primary view of Results of a Force Test of Four Configurations of the Hi-Lo Instrumented and Chaff Rockets in the Sandia Corporation 12 x 12 inch Transonic Wind Tunnel (Program III-46)
Arnold, J. W.
September 24, 1959
Primary view of Shear Strength of Simply Supported Prestressed Concrete Beams Having Web Reinforcement
Holt, Randolph E.
April 29, 1959
Primary view of A Study of the Error Involved in the Near Use of a Radio Interferometer
Simmons, Gustavus J.
April 21, 1959
Primary view of Curves for Estimating Low Blast Over-Pressure
Vortman, Luke J.
April 1958
Primary view of Air-Gun Studies of Ferroelectric Materials (Second Printing)
Ripperger, E. A. & Beck, A. F.
February 6, 1958