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Primary view of The Theory of the Pitot and Venturi Tubes, Part 2
Buckingham, E.
Primary view of Flow and Drag Formulas for Simple Quadrics
Zahm, A. F.
December 1979
Primary view of Flow and Force Equations for a Body Revolving in a Fluid
Zahm, A. F.
December 1979
Primary view of The Minimum Induced Drag of Aerofoils
Munk, Max M.
Primary view of The Aerodynamic Forces on Airship Hulls
Munk, Max M.
Primary view of Applications of Modern Hydrodynamics to Aeronautics Part 1: Fundamental Concepts and the Most Important Theorems. Part 2: Applications
Prandtl, L.
Primary view of Boron and zirconium from crucible refractories in a complex heat-resistant alloy
Decker, R. F.; Rowe, John P. & Freeman, J. W.
August 5, 1958
Primary view of Characteristics of the Langley 8-Foot Transonic Tunnel With Slotted Test Section
Wright, Ray H.; Ritchie, Virgil S. & Pearson, Albin O.
July 3, 1958
Primary view of Measurements of free-space oscillating pressures near propellers at flight Mach numbers to 0.72
Kurbjun, Max C. & Vogeley, Arthur W.
July 1, 1958
Primary view of Area-Suction Boundary-Layer Control as Applied to the Trailing-Edge Flaps of a 35 Degree Swept-Wing Airplane
Cook, Woodrow L.; Anderson, Seth B. & Cooper, George E.
May 6, 1958
Primary view of Blowing-type boundary-layer control as applied to the trailing-edge flaps of a 35 degree swept-wing airplane
Kelly, Mark W.; Anderson, Seth B. & Innis, Robert C.
April 30, 1958
Primary view of Systematic two-dimensional cascade tests of NACA 65-series compressor blades at low speeds
Emery, James C.; Herrig, L. Joseph; Erwin, John R. & Felix, A. Richard
January 31, 1958
Primary view of A Correlation of Results of Flight Investigation With Results of an Analytical Study of Effects of Wing Flexibility on Wing Strains Due to Gusts
Shufflebarger, C. C.; Payne, Chester B. & Cahen, George L.
Primary view of A Low-Speed Experimental Investigation of the Effect of a Sandpaper Type of Roughness on Boundary-Layer Transition
Horton, Elmer A. & von Doenhoff, Albert E.
Primary view of NACA Research on Slurry Fuels
Pinns, M. L.; Olson, W. T.; Barnett, H. C. & Breitwieser, R.
Primary view of Thin airfoil theory based on approximate solution of the transonic flow equation
Spreiter, John R. & Alksne, Alberta Y.
Primary view of Drag Minimization for Wings and Bodies in Supersonic Flow
Heaslet, Max A. & Fuller, Franklyn B.
November 29, 1957
Primary view of Effect of fuel variables on carbon formation in turbojet-engine combustors
Jonash, Edmund R.; Wear, Jerrold D. & Cook, William P.
October 23, 1957
Primary view of Investigation of a nonlinear control system
Fl├╝gge-Lotz, I.; Taylor, C. F. & Lindberg, H. E.
October 18, 1957
Primary view of Growth of Disturbances in a Flame-Generated Shear Region
Blackshear, Perry L., Jr.
October 14, 1957
Primary view of Relation of Turbojet and Ramjet Combustion Efficiency to Second-Order Reaction Kinetics and Fundamental Flame Speed
Childs, J. Howard; Reynolds, Thaine W. & Graves, Charles C.
August 5, 1957
Primary view of Elliptic Cones Alone and with Wings at Supersonic Speed
Jorgensen, Leland H.
July 17, 1957
Primary view of The Mechanism of Thermal-Gradient Mass Transfer in the Sodium Hydroxide-Nickel System
May, Charles E.
June 20, 1957
Primary view of A Method of Computing the Transient Temperature of Thick Walls From Arbitrary Variation of Adiabatic-Wall Temperature and Heat-Transfer Coefficient
Hill, P. R.
June 18, 1957