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Primary view of Operating Manual for the PSE&G Hydrogen Reservoir Containing Iron Titanium Hydride
Strickland, G. & Reilly, J. J.
February 1974
Primary view of Data Formats and Procedures for the ENDF Neutron Cross Section Library
Drake, M. K. & Honeck, Henry C.
March 1971
Primary view of Structure, Function, and Evolution in Proteins: Report of Symposium held June 3-5, 1968, Volume 1
Brookhaven National Laboratory
February 1969
Primary view of FUDGE 4A: A Computer Program for Gamma Dose Rate Distribution from Rectangular Sources
Galanter, Leonard & Krishnamurthy, Krishnaswamy
August 1968
Primary view of International Conference on Fundamental Aspects of Weak Interactions: Held at Brookhavan National Laboratory, September 9-11, 1963
Brookhaven National Laboratory
April 1964
Primary view of Cobalt-60 Bulk Grain Irradiator: Study Report
Brookhaven National Laboratory
June 30, 1963
Primary view of Uranium-Bismuth In-Pile Corrosion Test Loop: Radiation Loop No. 1
Waide, C. H.; Kukacka, L. E.; Meyer, R. A.; Milau, J.; Klein, J. H.; Chow, J. G. Y. et al.
May 1961