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Primary view of Operating Manual for the PSE&G Hydrogen Reservoir Containing Iron Titanium Hydride
Strickland, G. & Reilly, J. J.
February 1974
Primary view of Data Formats and Procedures for the ENDF Neutron Cross Section Library
Drake, M. K. & Honeck, Henry C.
March 1971
Primary view of Power Plant Operating and Maintenance Costs
Susskind, H. & Raseman, C. J.
April 1970
Primary view of The Effect of Aneuploidy Upon the Chromosome Number of Succeeding Generations of Tetraploid Maize
Shaver, Donald L.
March 28, 1962
Primary view of Structure, Function, and Evolution in Proteins: Report of Symposium held June 3-5, 1968, Volume 1
Brookhaven National Laboratory
February 1969
Primary view of The Escape of Fission Products From an Uranium Rod; Application to the B. N. L. Reactor.
Chernick, J. & Kaplan, I.
November 3, 1968
Primary view of FUDGE 4A: A Computer Program for Gamma Dose Rate Distribution from Rectangular Sources
Galanter, Leonard & Krishnamurthy, Krishnaswamy
August 1968
Primary view of International Conference on Fundamental Aspects of Weak Interactions: Held at Brookhavan National Laboratory, September 9-11, 1963
Brookhaven National Laboratory
April 1964
Primary view of Cobalt-60 Bulk Grain Irradiator: Study Report
Brookhaven National Laboratory
June 30, 1963
Primary view of High-Pressure Gamma Loop for Brookhaven National Laboratory
Brookhaven National Laboratory
June 1963
Primary view of Annealing of Radiation Induced Defects in Fused Silica
Levy, Paul Warren
June 19, 1962
Primary view of The Biological Effects of heavy Cosmic Ray Particles
Curtis, Howard J., (Howard James), 1906-
June 19, 1962
Primary view of Electron Microscopy of Fission Fragment Damage in Aluminum-Uranium Fuel Element
Kelsch, J. J. & Kammerer, O. F.
June 19, 1962
Primary view of Extinction and Diffuse Neutron Intensity Measurements
Keating, D. T. & Walker, C. B.
June 19, 1962
Primary view of Genetic Control of Nicotiana Plant Tumors
Smith, Harold H.
June 19, 1962
Primary view of Irradiation Induced Effects in Magnesium Oxide Catalysts
Hoigné, J. & Ballantine, D.
June 19, 1962
Primary view of A New Chlorophyll from Green Bacteria
Olson, John M. & Romano, Carol A.
June 19, 1962
Primary view of Observation of the  Li6 (n,[alpha]) H3 Reaction by Electron Microscopy of Li6F Films
Kelsch, J. J.; Kammerer, O. F. & Goland, Allen N., 1930-
June 19, 1962
Primary view of Radiation and Atomic Rearrangement in Alloys
Damask, A. C.
June 19, 1962
Primary view of Radiation Damage in Graphite. [Part] 1, The Activation Energy for Annealing Single Interstitials in Neutron Irradiated Graphite and the Absolute Rate of Formation of Displaced Atoms
Schweitzer, Donald G.
June 19, 1962
Primary view of Serum Binding of Vitamin B12 Analogues:  Identification of Binding Groups in the B12 Molecule
Meyer, L. M.; Reizenstein, Peter G., 1928-1993.; Cronkite, Eugene P.; Miller, I. F. & Mulzac, C. W.
June 19, 1962
Primary view of The Standard Molar Free Energy of Formation of MgCl2, CeCl3, ThCl4, and UCl3 Obtained by Solid State EMF Techniques
Egan, J. J.; McCoy, W. & Bracker, J.
June 19, 1962
Primary view of The Temperature Dependence of Birefringence in Irradiated Polyethylene
Keneally, B.; Gard, J. & Adler, G.
June 19, 1962
Primary view of Tumor Induction by an IAA-Kinetin Interaction in an Nicotiana Hybrid
Schaeffer, Gideon W.
June 19, 1962