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Quality Guides in Buying Ready-Made Dresses.
Provides advice for judging the quality of dresses based on the fabric used, the cut, and the workmanship.
Present Guides for Household Buying.
Provides suggestions for buying materials for the household, including food, clothing, cleaning equipment, appliances, and other items.
Eradicating Tuberculosis From Poultry and Swine.
Describes tuberculosis and provides steps for preventing and combating the disease in poultry and swine.
Timothy Seed Production.
A guide to the production and marketing of timothy seed throughout the United States.
Excluding Birds From Reservoirs and Fishponds.
Describes methods of removing birds from sources of drinking water, such as fishponds and reservoirs.
Carpet Beetles.
Describes the common types of carpet beetles, their life cycles, and methods of control.
Production of Radishes.
Describes the varieties of radishes and the best practices for growing and marketing them.
Legumes in Soil Conservation Practices.
Describes measures for preventing soil erosion through the planting of legumes.
Soybeans for the Table.
Describes the versatile nature of the soybean in cooking and provides recipes which contain soybeans.
Preventing Gin Damage to Cotton.
Describes methods for checking ginning equipment to prevent damage to cotton.
Pulp-Wood Crops in the Northeast.
Describes the process of cutting pulpwood for paper-making in the northeastern United States; summarizes results and conclusions about crop management, derived from intensive studies of pulpwood stands.
Hints on Coyote and Wolf Trapping.
Describes the steps taken to build and set traps for coyotes and wolves in the United States.
Porcupine Control in the Western States.
Describes the characteristics of porcupines in the western United States, the damage they cause, and methods of control.
English Sparrow Control.
Describes the damage caused by English sparrows and different methods of controlling them.
Why Some Wood Surfaces Hold Paint Longer Than Others.
Describes the different factors to consider when selecting wood to be painted.
Red-Squill Powder in Rat Control.
Describes the red squill plant that is used in powder form for rat control.
Boning Lamb Cuts.
Describes the process of deboning lamb meat.
Bracing Farm Buildings.
Describes steps for creating a brace system for farm buildings in order to prevent distortion and collapse.
Cooking Cured Pork.
Provides recipes for cooking cured pork.
More Turpentine, Less Scar, Better Pine.
Describes methods for increasing yields and profits from pine trees with less damage to the tree.
Red-Clover Seed Production in the Intermountain States.
Describes the areas where red clover can be grown and provides suggestions for planting, growing, and harvesting it.
Huron Timothy.
Describes the Huron variety of timothy-grass, where and how it grows, and provides recommendations for cultivation.
Timber Growing and Logging Practice in the Northeast: Measures Necessary to Keep Forest Land Productive and to Produce Full Timber Crops.
Discusses timber-growing in the different regions of the northeastern United States. Provides recommendations for maintaining productivity in forested areas.
The green-bug or spring grain-aphis : how to prevent its periodical outbreaks.
Describes the characteristics of the green-bug, the damage it causes to crops, and methods of control.
A sawfly injurious to young pines.
Describes the characteristics of the red-headed pine sawfly, the damage it causes to pine trees, and methods of control.
Utilization of flue-heated tobacco barns for sweetpotato storage.
Provides instructions for converting a tobacco barn into a storage area for sweet potatoes. Includes information on harvesting, curing, and cost considerations.
Selection of cotton fabrics.
Describes varieties of cotton fabrics and provides suggestions for their use in clothing and other sewn products. Provides suggestions for evaluating the quality of cotton fabrics.
Marketing farm produce by parcel post.
Describes methods and considerations for shipping farm produce by parcel post.
Earthworms as pests and otherwise.
Describes attributes of the earthworm; describes how earthworms can be both useful and damaging.
Planting and care of lawns.
Describes methods for establishing, maintaining, and protecting lawns; describes varieties of grasses recommended for planting in different regions of the United States.
How to control grasshoppers in cereal and forage crops.
Describes the grasshopper, the damage it causes to crops, and methods of control.
Growing Christmas holly on the farm.
Describes the characteristics of the holly tree, and ways to plant, cultivate, and sell it.
Game laws for the season 1936-37 : a summary of federal, state, and provincial statutes.
A detailed review and summary of game laws for the 1936-37 season in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
Diseases of fur animals.
Describes the various types of disease which fur animals may contract, and provides suggestions for preventing or controlling these diseases.
Vine-mesquite for erosion control on Southwestern ranges.
Describes the ways in which vine-mesquite is used to control erosion in the southwestern United States.
Controlling Lungworms of Swine.
Describes the lungworm parasite infested in swine, and methods for its control.
White Clover.
Describes the characteristics of white clover, its varieties, and its diseases and pests.
Production of Kale.
Describes the varieties of kale and best practices for growing and marketing it.
House Ants.
Describes different types of house ants and methods of control.
When to Cut Rice.
Discusses effective timing for harvesting rice, taking into consideration milling quality, moisture content, and other factors.
Dual-Purpose Pines.
Describes dual-purpose pines, which yield both naval stores and wood; provides suggestions for managing dual-purpose pines.
Preventing damage by Lyctus powder-post beetles.
Describes the characteristics of Lyctus powder-post beetles, the damage they cause, and methods of control.
Farm budgeting.
Provides instructions and explains the purpose of creating a farm budget.
Spring-sown red oats.
A guide to growing and harvesting spring-sown red oats in the southern half of the United States.
Canaries : their care and management.
A guide to the care and breeding of canaries.
Cattle grubs or heel flies with suggestions for their control.
Describes the damage caused by cattle grubs and provides methods for their control.
Sorgo for sirup production : culture, harvesting, and handling.
Describes the conditions necessary to produce sorgo and manufacture sorgo syrup.
Karakul sheep.
Describes the characteristics of karakul sheep and their importance as a source of wool.
Insects of the pecan and how to combat them.
Describes insects that threaten the pecan tree, the damage they cause, and methods for their control.
Growing Rye in the Western Half of the United States.
Describes the different types of rye grown in the western United States, and methods for planting and harvesting it.