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Growing fruits and nuts in the southern Great Plains.
Explains how to plant and cultivate fruit and nut trees in the southern Great Plains of the United States.
Storage of ear corn on the farm in the north central states.
Describes precautions that should be taken when storing ear corn on the farm.
Barley diseases and their control.
Describes the value of barley, diseases that threaten the crop, and methods of control.
Cotton diseases and methods of control.
Provides information on the most important cotton diseases. Includes color photographs and provides a summary table of control measures for the various diseases.
The culture and use of sorghums for forage.
Discusses the importance and value of sorghums as compared to other forage crops. Describes sorghum varieties, methods of planting, cultivation, harvesting, and disease and insect control.
Soybean diseases.
Discusses a multitude of diseases that affect soybean crops, the adaptability of available resistant varieties, and a small amount of control measures.
Farm methods of cooling milk.
Discusses methods for safely cooling and storing milk or cream on the dairy farm.
Grass crops in conservation farming.
Describes the success of grassland improvement methods as demonstrated by experiment stations, agricultural technicians, farmers, and ranchers.
The European corn borer and its control.
Describes the European corn borer, the regions in which it is found, its seasonal activities, and how to destroy and control borer populations; also lists several insects which are often mistaken for the European corn borer.
Harvesting with combines.
Describes the function of combines, general maintenance, and use for harvesting various crops.
Sphagnum moss for plant propagation.
Describes all uses of sphagnum moss in plant propagation.
Managing farm fishponds for bass and bluegills.
A guide to creating and maintaining farm fish ponds for recreational fishing and profit.
Preparation of fresh tomatoes for market.
A guide to preparing and packing tomatoes for market, either on the farm or at central packinghouses.
Seven Ways to Greater Egg Profit.
Describes seven best practices for managing chicken flocks and for collecting and storing eggs in order to produce Grade A eggs. The recommended practices are based on a study conducted in major egg-producing states in the midwestern United States.
Seeding summer ranges in eastern Oregon and Washington
Describes the benefits and methods of range seeding, and provides a guide to seeding for various range types.