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Preparing Wool for Market.
Provides instructions for shearing a sheep and preparing the wool for market.
Simple plumbing repairs in the home.
Explains simple do-it-yourself plumbing repairs for the home.
Varieties of club wheat.
Describes several varieties of club wheats and where they grow in the United States.
Rural planning : the village.
Describes various types of planned villages and provides examples of features in such communities.
Hog-lot equipment.
Provides descriptions and instructions for building many types of equipment used for raising hogs. Includes fencing, feeding equipment, shelters, pest treatment equipment, breeding crates, and transportation equipment.
Poultry houses and fixtures.
Discusses the essential principles of poultry housing. Includes photographs, plans, and instructions for constructing poultry fixtures, buildings, and other equipment.
Apple-orchard renovation.
Describes various methods for maximizing the quality and output of apple orchards.
Propagation of trees and shrubs.
Describes steps for increasing the production of trees and shrubs through the use of seeds, cuttings, layers, grafting, and budding.
Oats in the north-central states.
Describes the different types of oats in the north-central United States and methods for their production.
Steam sterilization of soil for tobacco and other crops.
Describes the process of sterilizing the soil with steam to facilitate the cultivation of tobacco and other plants.
Sweetclover in Corn Belt farming.
Describes the recommended practices for cultivating sweet clover, and suggestions for its use on the farm. Includes outlines of cropping systems used in the Corn Belt.
Production of Maple Sirup and Sugar.
Pamphlet describing the process of growing maple trees, obtaining syrup from them, and how to market the syrup.
Oats in the northeastern states.
Describes the different types of oats in the northeastern United States and methods for their production.
Milk for the family.
Provides advice for selecting, storing, and using milk products. Explains the nutritive value of milk.
Alfalfa varieties in the United States.
Describes the different types of alfalfa grown in the United States.
Care and management of farm work horses.
Describes how to successfully manage and care for work horses on the farm to maximize serviceability and profitability.
Summer crops for green manure and soil improvement.
Examines varieties of summer crops that improve soil and green manure; describes different methods of green-manuring.
Emmer and Spelt.
Describes the history, characteristics, production methods, and uses of emmer and spelt.
Why potatoes run out.
Describes the types of diseases attacking potatoes, how to identify them, and how to treat the plants and seed potatoes in order to prevent the spread of disease.
Rhubarb Forcing.
Describes methods of forcing rhubarb, using methods developed in Massachusetts and Michigan.
Production of Pumpkins and Squashes.
Describes the varieties of squashes and pumpkins, their many uses, the requirements for their growth, and proper storage practices.
The Oriental Persimmon.
Describes the characteristics and varieties of oriental persimmon trees, and the steps for planting, cultivating, and maintaining their successful growth.
The Ryegrasses.
Describes different kinds of ryegrass, the best climate and soil for its growth, and the steps a farmer should take for successful hay and pasture growth.
Discusses aspects of blueberry production in the United States from planting through harvesting and marketing, and examines different types of blueberries.
Grafting-Wax Melter.
Discusses the grafting of horticultural plants to protect wounds. Describes methods and equipment for grafting wax.
Disease-Resistant Varieties of Vegetables for the Home Garden.
Discusses a variety of vegetables that are most resistant to disease and can be grown at home.
Fats and Oils for Cooking and Table Use.
Provides information about different kinds of fats and oils, their cost, and uses in cooking.
The Horn Fly and Its Control.
Describes the life cycle and of the horn fly, the damage it causes to livestock, and steps for controlling it.
Poisoning of Livestock by Plants That Produce Hydrocyanic Acid.
Describes how the presence of hydrocyanic acid in plants can poison livestock, how to prevent poisoning, and how to treat animals which have been poisoned.
Three species of the genus Lygus and their relation to alfalfa seed production in southern Arizona and California.
Describes the characteristics of a variety of Lygus and its habits which lead to damaged alfalfa seed in southern Arizona and California.
How to grow rice in the Sacramento Valley.
Discusses the importance of rice as a crop. Explains in detail the methods for producing rice in the climate of the Sacramento Valley of California.
Diseases and Insects of Garden Vegetables.
Describes a wide variety of insect pests and diseases of vegetables, their characteristics, and the steps farmers can take to prevent, control, and treat these threats.
Handling rough rice to produce high grades.
Describes the best methods for producing and handling rough rice, which yields higher grades and profits.
Lettuce growing.
A guide to lettuce growing, including soil preparation, planting, cultivation, control of insect pests; also discusses the lettuce market.
Frost and the prevention of frost damage.
Describes how frost forms and what can be done to protect farm equipment and plants during a frost.
Growing cucumbers for pickling.
Discusses growing cucumbers for the purpose of pickling, and identifies threats from insects and disease.
Peanut growing.
Describes the steps farmers should take when growing peanuts, including preparing the soil, planting, cultivating, and harvesting.
The use of logs and poles in farm construction.
Explains methods for choosing logs and using them in the construction of buildings on the farm.
Dressing and packing turkeys for market.
Describes methods for processing a turkey to be sold at market.
Is the Public Market a Good Civic Investment?
Discusses how to determine the likelihood of establishing a successful public market in towns without one. Considers the type of market desired, population size, consumer habits, location, and most importantly the support of farmers.
Investigations of the parasites of Popillia japonica and related scarabaeidae in the Far East from 1929 to 1933, inclusive.
Describes the results of scientific research of parasites of the Japanese beetle at various stages of the beetle life cycle. The studies were carried out from 1929 to 1933 in Japan, Chosen (Korea), India, and Taiwan.
Biology of the seed-corn maggot in the coastal plain of the South Atlantic states
Describes the seed-corn maggot of the south Atlantic states at different stages of life, its history, and its habits.
Work of the United States Forest Service.
Discusses forest depletion and provides a history of forest conservation efforts by the United States government. Describes the work of the the Civilian Conservation Corps and other emergency projects, and discusses forest and range research.
Poison Ivy and Poison Sumac and Their Eradication.
Describes the characteristics of poison ivy and poison sumac, the damage they cause, and methods of control and eradication; also provides remedies for ivy poisoning.
Farm inventories.
Describes the various uses of farm inventories; provides instructions for making, using, and caring for a farm property book.
Potato production in the South.
Describes seasonal planting practices for growing potatoes in the southern United States.
Apple Growing East of the Mississippi River.
Describes the various factors that should be taken into consideration when developing and maintaining apple orchards, including: types of soil, climate conditions, the selecting and handling of young trees, the use of fertilizers, methods of pruning and spraying, and methods of repelling pests.
Breaking and Training Colts.
Describes methods training horses for farm use. Includes training or control methods for driving, riding, shoeing, and throwing.
Packing apples in boxes.
Discusses the practicality of packing apples in boxes for shipment, the construction of packing houses, and methods of wrapping. Includes diagrams of apple packs.
Peach brown rot and scab.
Describes the characteristics of two peach diseases, brown rot and scab; also describes the damage they cause and methods of control.