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Present Guides for Household Buying.
Provides suggestions for buying materials for the household, including food, clothing, cleaning equipment, appliances, and other items.
Timothy Seed Production.
A guide to the production and marketing of timothy seed throughout the United States.
Game laws for the season 1936-37 : a summary of federal, state, and provincial statutes.
A detailed review and summary of game laws for the 1936-37 season in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
Vine-mesquite for erosion control on Southwestern ranges.
Describes the ways in which vine-mesquite is used to control erosion in the southwestern United States.
Controlling Lungworms of Swine.
Describes the lungworm parasite infested in swine, and methods for its control.
White Clover.
Describes the characteristics of white clover, its varieties, and its diseases and pests.
Homes for birds
Describes various types of birdhouses, where to place them, how to maintain them, and how to protect them against enemies of birds.
Spring-sown red oats.
A guide to growing and harvesting spring-sown red oats in the southern half of the United States.
Cattle grubs or heel flies with suggestions for their control.
Describes the damage caused by cattle grubs and provides methods for their control.
The Dasheen: A Southern Root Crop for Home Use and Market.
Describes the characteristics of the dasheen or taro; also provides marketing methods and dasheen recipes.
Making American cheese on the farm for home consumption.
Provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for making American cheese at home.
Growing and feeding grain sorghums.
Describes the varieties of grain sorghum, and provides methods for planting and cultivating it effectively.
Care of food in the home.
Provides information about the causes of food spoilage and suggests methods for keeping foods in good condition.
Making and using cottage cheese in the home.
Describes methods, ingredients, and equipment used for making cottage cheese at home. Includes several recipes.
Arbor day, its purpose and observance.
Discusses Arbor Day as a holiday that recognizes the importance of United States forests and discusses a citizen's duty to preserve them and foster new growth of trees.
Modernizing farmhouses.
Describes methods for updating farmhouses with modern conveniences.
Woods Burning in the South.
Discusses the problem of uncontrolled and illegal woods burning in the Southern United States and its economic effects. Describes methods of fire prevention.
The avocado : its insect enemies and how to combat them.
Describes insect pests of the avocado in Florida, and methods for their control.
Saving livestock from starvation on southwestern ranges.
Describes methods for preventing livestock starvation due to drought or overstocking on ranges in the southwestern United States.
The use of bluegrass sod in the control of soil erosion.
Describes how to obtain bluegrass and use it to control gullies and soil erosion. Includes plans for constructing a sod cutter.
Game management on the farm.
Describes ways that a farmer can support game on his land to make the best use of otherwise wasted land. Provides an overview of practical game management practices.
Preparation of eastern grapes for market.
Describes the harvesting, packing, and handling of eastern grapes for the market. Discusses the leading production sections, the commercial varieties, inspection, packaging, and loading.
Dairy farming for beginners.
Presents the factors to consider when deciding whether to start a dairy farm. Discusses markets, feed, capital, buildings, herd selection, record-keeping, and labor requirements.
Tomatoes as a truck crop.
Describes how to plant, cultivate, harvest, and transport tomatoes to be sold at market.
Dehorning, Castrating, Branding, and Marking Beef Cattle.
Describes procedures and equipment used for dehorning, castrating, branding, and marking beef cattle. Explains the use of these procedures as means for loss prevention in the beef industry.
Home utilization of muscadine grapes.
Describes the necessary equipment and procedures for making muscadine grape products at home on the farm.
The farm garden.
A guide to starting and cultivating a farm garden.