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Idle land and costly timber.
Describes various problems with idle land, and provides methods for its protection and utilization.
Johnson grass : its production for hay and pasturage.
Describes the characteristics of Johnson grass and its production in the United States.
Stain removal from fabrics : home methods.
Describes methods for removing stains from fabrics at home. Contains a comprehensive stain index for reference.
Small Concrete Construction on the Farm.
Describes how to plan and build small concrete structures on the farm.
Lice, mange, and ticks of horses, and methods of control and eradication.
Describes the characteristics of parasites of horses, the diseases they cause, and methods of control.
The chinch bug and how to fight it.
Describes the damages caused by the chinch bug to grain and grass crops, and several methods for its control.
Northwestern apple packing houses.
Provides details of construction, arrangement, equipment, and operation of boxed apple packing houses in the Northwest.
Red-clover culture.
Describes the uses of red clover for forage and as a soil-improving crop in the northeastern United States. Includes information about distribution, handling, and pest control.
Control of potato-tuber diseases.
Describes various potato-tuber diseases, as well as the various methods of control of these diseases.
Cooperative livestock shipping associations.
Provides suggestions for people interested in or involved in cooperative livestock shipping associations. Discusses organizational aspects, management, shipments, livestock marking, and business methods.
Nut-tree propagation.
A brief guide to nut-tree propagation, including budding and grafting and seed and stock selection. Intended for use by growers who must be able to distinguish seedlings from budded and grafted trees, or who wish to improve their own orchard trees.
The common cabbage worm and its control.
Describes the characteristics and life history of the common cabbage worm, the damage it can cause, and methods of control.
The potato leafhopper and how to control it.
Describes the characteristics and life cycle of the potato leafhopper, and methods for control.
Washing and sterilizing farm milk utensils.
Describes the importance of sterilizing milk utensils and describes the sterilizing equipment recommended for use in dairies.
Planting the roadside.
Describes the benefits of planting trees and shrubs on the roadside, and the proper procedures for doing so.
Loblolly pine primer.
A guide to growing loblolly pine as a timber crop.
Dairy-barn construction.
Discusses the many factors that must be taken into account when planning to construct a dairy barn.
Anthracnose as a cause of red-clover failure in the southern part of the Clover Belt.
Describes the characteristics of anthracnose, the damage it causes to red clover in the southern part of the Clover Belt, and methods of control; also discusses the development of strains of red clover resistant to anthracnose.
Garden irises.
Describes different types of irises, and methods for growing them successfully in a home garden.
Inoculation of legumes and nonlegumes with nitrogen-fixing and other bacteria.
Describes methods of artificial inoculation of legumes with beneficial bacteria for the purpose of improving root development.