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Motor trucks on Corn-Belt farms.
Describes the benefits of using motor trucks on farms in the Corn Belt, based on a survey of farmers in that region who own trucks. Discusses profitability, efficiency, and compares the use of trucks to the use of horses.
Rural Planning: The Social Aspects.
Describes the trend toward establishing planned recreation areas in rural communities, and the economic and social benefits they provide to farmers.
The Boll-Weevil Problem.
Describes the characteristics of the boll weevil, the damage it causes to cotton crops of the southeastern United States, and methods of control.
Controlling the gipsy moth and the brown-tail moth.
Describes the characteristics of the gypsy moth and browntail moth, the damage they cause, and methods of control.
The strawberry rootworm as an enemy of the greenhouse rose.
Describes the characteristics of the strawberry root-worm, the damage it causes to roses, and methods of control.
Standard varieties of chickens : [Part] 1. The American class.
Describes several different types of the American class of chicken breeds.
Clothes Moths and Their Control.
Describes different types of clothes moths, the damage they can cause to textiles in the home, and methods for control.
The Yellow-Fever Mosquito.
Describes the yellow-fever mosquito, its geographical distribution, the origins and history of yellow fever, and methods of mosquito control.
Home canning of fruits and vegetables.
A guide to home canning. Includes instructions for canning a variety of fruits and fruit juices, vegetables and soups, and meats and meat dishes.
How to Get Rid of Rats.
Describes methods of eliminating a rat infestation in terms of food sources, poisons, trapping, and rat proofing. Also describes the natural enemies and diseases of rats, and the benefits of community cooperation in their control.
Control of the Common Mealybug on Citrus in California.
Describes the mealybug, the damage it causes to citrus fruits in California, and methods of control.
Good proportions in the diet.
Provides advice for planning meals and buying the appropriate amount of food for a family that does active, but not hard muscular work.
Lamb and Mutton and Their Use in the Diet.
Suggests ways to prepare lamb and mutton for the table and of combining them with other ingredients of suitable flavor.
Seed Potatoes and How to Produce Them.
Describes methods for producing high quality seed potatoes in the United States.
Tobacco hornworm insecticide: recommendations for use of powdered arsenate of lead in dark-tobacco district.
Describes methods for the use of arsenate of lead to control the tobacco hornworm and prevent damage to crops.
Milk and Its Uses in the Home.
A consumer guide to buying, storing, and using milk.
Dahlias for the Home.
Discusses the appeal of dahlias; describes the different varieties and how to grow them successfully at home.
Laws Relating to Fur Animals for the Season 1923-24.
Discusses regulations for the trapping of fur animals during the 1923-1924 season.
Fumigation of Citrus Trees for Control of Insect Pests.
Describes methods for fumigating citrus trees in order to control scale insects and other pests.
Beef Production in the Cotton Belt.
Contains information on methods of producing beef in the cotton-growing states.
The Corn Earworm: Its Ravages on Field Corn and Suggestions for Control.
Describes the life cycle of the European corn earworm, the damage it causes to corn and other crops, and methods of control.
Cotton-dusting machinery.
A guide to selecting farm machinery for dusting cotton crops.
Marketing the Early-Potato Crop.
A guide to selling in the early-potato market, with an emphasis on proper shipping methods to prevent loss.
Marketing Main-Crop Potatoes.
A guide to effective marketing and pricing practices for main-crop potatoes. Includes a detailed explanation of price-tracking methods which can be used to forecast the market season. Describes best practices for selling in various types of markets.
The Striped Cucumber Beetle and How to Control It.
Describes the characteristics of the striped cucumber beetle, the damage it can cause to plants, and methods for controlling it.
Diseases of poultry.
Describes symptoms, treatments, and prevention methods for numerous diseases and parasites afflicting poultry.
Polish and poulard wheats.
Describes the characteristics of Polish and poulard wheats, which because of their size and appearance are often sold under false claims. Warns U.S. farmers against growing them because they produce low yields and are of little commercial value in the U.S.
Carpet beetles and their control.
Describes the characteristics of carpet beetles and methods for their control.