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Dresses Designed for Little Girls.
Provides suggestions for the design, construction, and evaluation of dresses made for girls aged 2 to 6. Includes advice about design features, fabric selection, and quality of workmanship.
Huron Timothy.
Describes the Huron variety of timothy-grass, where and how it grows, and provides recommendations for cultivation.
Corn growers : would you deliberately throw away millions of dollars?
Explains how farmers can save money through orderly marketing by using the Commodity Credit Corporation price-support program.
Earthworms as pests and otherwise.
Describes attributes of the earthworm; describes how earthworms can be both useful and damaging.
Legume inoculation: what it is, what it does.
Describes the methods and effects of inoculation through introducing legume bacteria into soil.
Game laws for the season 1924-25 : a summary of federal, state, and provincial statutes.
A detailed review and summary of game laws for the 1924-25 season in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
Using Tall Fescue in Soil Conservation.
Describes the characteristics of tall fescue and how it can contribute to soil conservation.
Soybeans: Culture and Varieties.
Describes soybean varieties and how to grow them.
Drying forage by forced ventilation.
Discusses different systems of forced-air ventilation as a means of harvesting and drying forage crops.
Controlling Kidney Worms in Swine in the Southern States.
Describes the life cycle of the kidney worm and explains how to control the worm in swine in the southern United States.
The Oriental Persimmon.
Describes the characteristics and varieties of oriental persimmon trees, and the steps for planting, cultivating, and maintaining their successful growth.
Demodectic Mange in Cattle.
Describes demodectic mange, its causes, how it is recognized on cattle, and what can be done to control the disease.
Red-Clover Failure in Relation to Anthracnose in the Southern Part of the Clover Belt.
Describes the damage that anthracnose can cause to red clover growing in the southern areas of the Clover Belt, and discusses a remedy with an outline for the production of resistant strains.
Further studies on the removal of spray residues from eastern-grown apples.
Describes the variety of residues found on apples, the amount of residue, and different ways to wash the apples and remove residue.
Using crop residues for soil defense.
Describes how leaving crop residue in a field can help prevent soil erosion due to rainfall; and describes the equipment that can be used in this practice.
The beef calf : its growth and development.
Outlines the fundamental principles of cattle raising and breeding for beef production.
Permanent fruit and vegetable gardens.
Provides instructions for planning a permanent garden that yields both annual and perennial vegetables, as well as small fruits; lists the best plants to use.
Stain removal from fabrics : home methods.
Describes methods for removing stains from fabrics at home. Contains a comprehensive stain index for reference.
Cleaning Grain on Farms and in Country Elevators.
Describes methods for separating weeds from grain in order to improve value and quality.
Local bird refuges.
Provides suggestions for attracting birds and providing local bird refuges on farm lands and public spaces.
Dressing and packing turkeys for market.
Describes methods for processing a turkey to be sold at market.
Grow disease-resistant oats.
Describes different types of oats that are resistant to disease, and additional steps to take to prevent disease.
Mixing fertilizers on the farm.
Describes how to plan and mix fertilizers for use on the farm.
Turkey on the table, the year round.
Provides methods for preparing turkey.
Commercial growing and harvesting of sweetpotatoes.
Describes different types of sweet potatoes, and the methods for transplanting, cultivating, and harvesting them. Argues the possibility of increasing the profitability of this crop.
Managing winter sheep range for greater profit.
Describes how to manage winter sheep in the western United States in order to increase production and profits.
Prevent Tanbark Deterioration.
Presents methods for obtaining, curing, and marketing tanbark for use in leather tanning. Discusses ways to prevent loss of tannin from deterioration of the bark.
Visual materials on soil and water conservation.
An annotated list of films about soil and water conservation. Includes information about the films' suitability for use in elementary and secondary schools.
Planting and care of street trees.
Describes the importance of shade trees within city limits, including: how to plan the layout of street trees; the various types of trees best suited for city growth; and how to properly maintain city-grown trees.
Nut-tree propagation.
A brief guide to nut-tree propagation, including budding and grafting and seed and stock selection. Intended for use by growers who must be able to distinguish seedlings from budded and grafted trees, or who wish to improve their own orchard trees.
Adobe or sun-dried brick for farm buildings.
Describes an efficient method of making and using adobe in the form of sun-dried bricks; describes how adobe bricks can be used in different parts of a building, such as: the roof, the boundary walls, the foundation, etc.
Soil-conserving tillage systems for corn.
Describes tillage systems for crops such as corn that help to conserve soil and prevent excessive soil erosion.
Hard red spring and durum wheats : culture and varieties.
Describes the location, importance, and varieties of durum and hard red spring wheat; also lists the different diseases, insects, and weeds that adversely affect wheat.
Rhubarb Production.
Describes the history of rhubarb, and the steps for planting and cultivating rhubarb in the United States.
Your Soil, Crumbly or Cloddy?
Describes the importance of good soil tilth and methods for improving soil.
Opportunity knocks!
A brochure discussing the benefits of Multiple Crop Insurance.
Control of white pine blister rust in the northeastern states.
Describes the value of the white pine and the threat of blister rust to the trees in the northeastern United States. Provides methods for blister rust control.
Successful Farming on 160-Acre Farms in Central Indiana.
A guide to starting and running a successful 160-acre farm in Indiana, including what crops to plant, what animals to raise, what labor is necessary, what buildings are needed, and the costs involved. Recommendations are based on data gathered from a record of seventeen 160-acre farms in Indiana during 1910-1919.
Diseases of upland game birds.
Describes the characteristics of various diseases that affect game birds such as quails and prairie chickens.
Insect pests of stored rice and their control.
Describes the threat of insects when storing rice, and the necessary steps to control insect infestation.
Leather Shoes: Selection and Care.
Describes the different types and uses of leathers typically used in shoes. Provides advice for selecting and caring for shoes.
Milk and its uses in the home.
A consumer guide to buying, storing, and using milk.
Marketing Main-Crop Potatoes.
A guide to effective marketing and pricing practices for main-crop potatoes. Includes a detailed explanation of price-tracking methods which can be used to forecast the market season. Describes best practices for selling in various types of markets.
Infectious abortion of cattle.
Describes the symptoms, possible causes, and prevention of an infectious abortion disease affecting cattle.
Planting and care of shelter belts on the northern Great Plains.
Describes the importance of building shelter belts on farms in order to protect the home, orchard, or garden from wind and snow.
Shortleaf pine primer.
A guide to growing shortleaf pine trees as a timber crop.
Better feeding of livestock.
Discusses best practices in livestock feeding. Provides instructions for preparing feeds for various types of livestock on the farm.
How's your storage?
A leaflet describing the Farm-Storage Facility Loan Program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC).
School lunch recipes using dried fruits.
Contains several recipes using dried fruit in school lunches. Includes general directions for handling dried fruit during the preparation stages.
Pork in Preferred Ways.
Describes various ways to prepare pork and includes recipes.