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Improving poultry through the National Poultry Improvement Plan.
Describes a national plan to improve poultry standards and production in the United States.
Visiting people on a dairy farm.
Describes life on a dairy farm through the eyes of one Maryland family, the Schwartzbecks.
The Imported Fire Ant: How to Control It.
Describes the characteristics of fire ants, the damage they cause, and methods for control.
Ice Creams Frozen Without Stirring.
Provides recipes for mousse and other desserts.
Pulp-Wood Crops in the Northeast.
Describes the process of cutting pulpwood for paper-making in the northeastern United States; summarizes results and conclusions about crop management, derived from intensive studies of pulpwood stands.
English Sparrow Control.
Describes the damage caused by English sparrows and different methods of controlling them.
How to control grasshoppers in cereal and forage crops.
Describes the grasshopper, the damage it causes to crops, and methods of control.
House Ants.
Describes different types of house ants and methods of control.
Recipes for Evaporated Apple Rings.
Provides recipes using evaporated apple rings as the main ingredient. (Evaporated apples contain more moisture than traditional dried apples.)
Fattening Steers in the Corn Belt.
Describes feeder cattle and the varieties of feed used to fatten steers in the Corn Belt.
Farm fences.
Describes the varieties, the cost, and the construction of fences and fence posts.
Production of Spinach.
Describes characteristics and varieties of spinach, and provides farmers with recommendations for soils, fertilizers, cultivating, and harvesting it.
Growing Nursery Stock of Southern Pines.
Describes the steps for growing southern pine seedlings from nursery stock; discusses the proper methods for sowing, watering, and weeding.
Filters and Screens for Irrigation Wells.
Describes the purpose of having filters and screens as part of an irrigation system, and how to properly select and install them.
Preparation of peaches for market.
Discusses the losses caused by improper packing of peaches for the market. Provides descriptions of how peaches are to be picked, packaged, and made ready to be sold.
How to Get Rid of Rats.
Describes methods of eliminating a rat infestation in terms of food sources, poisons, trapping, and rat proofing. Also describes the natural enemies and diseases of rats, and the benefits of community cooperation in their control.
Fire-protective construction on the farm.
Describes the damage that can occur to property and people as a result of fire; and discusses various farm construction projects that prevent a fire or offer protection should a fire occur.
Rural buildings for business and social uses.
Describes how rural community buildings can be used in social and business functions.
Lubricating-oil sprays for use on dormant fruit trees.
Provides instructions for the preparation, storage, and use of lubricating-oil emulsions for orchard spraying.
Modernizing farmhouses.
Describes methods for updating farmhouses with modern conveniences.
Insects and diseases of the pecan and their control.
Describes the characteristics of insects that are damaging to the pecan tree, and methods for their control.
Kill barberry bushes that spread stem rust to grains.
Describes how to recognize rust-spreading barberry bushes and how to kill them. Explains how doing so can be beneficial both to individual farmers and the national economy.
Poisoning the Cotton Boll Weevil.
A guide to selecting the most suitable method for controlling the boll weevil. Describes poisons and equipment used in boll-weevil control.
Eggs at Any Meal.
Discusses the nutritional value and versatility of the egg; provides recipes and suggests ways to use eggs in a variety dishes and sauces.
Work of the United States Forest Service.
Discusses forest depletion and provides a history of forest conservation efforts by the United States government. Describes the work of the the Civilian Conservation Corps and other emergency projects, and discusses forest and range research.
Varieties of winter wheat adapted to the eastern United States.
Describes varieties of winter wheat and where they grow in the eastern United States.
Standard containers for fruits and vegetables.
Discusses the necessity for the standardization and regulation of containers for marketing fruits and vegetables.
Rural libraries.
Describes how libraries are created in rural areas; describes the types of services offered by rural libraries.
The Porto Rican mole cricket.
Describes the characteristics of the mole cricket, the damage it causes, and methods of control.
Nematode disease of wheat and rye.
This document describes the nematode disease of wheat and rye, including: symptoms, cause, geographic distribution, and methods of control of the disease.
Expansible Farmhouses.
Leaflet showing a floor plan, an illustration, and examples of drawings to be used in constructing an expansible farmhouse. Complete plans were distributed through agricultural extension services.
Food values in common portions.
Provides composition tables for a variety of foods, and a table of daily dietary allowances for adults and children.
Fish as food.
Describes the composition, cost, and nutritive value of fish and other seafoods. Includes sample menus. Discusses methods of preparing seafood for market.
The Striped Cucumber Beetle and How to Control It.
Describes the characteristics of the striped cucumber beetle, the damage it can cause to plants, and methods for controlling it.
Selling black walnut timber.
A guide to grading and selling black walnut logs for lumber.
Cauliflower and Heading Broccoli Production.
A guide to growing cauliflower and heading broccoli on the farm.
Powdery Mildew of Ornamental Plants.
Describes the powdery mildew fungus and methods for its control.
Farmer Jones' timber crop.
Tells a story of a farmer who looks into using his wooded lands for timber, and the process he must go through to accomplish that.
School lunch recipes using nonfat dry milk.
A collection of quantity recipes for school lunches using nonfat dry milk. Includes general directions for handling dried milk during the preparation stages.
Potato growing in the South.
Provides detailed information on potato farming in 13 different southern states including cultivation and soil conservation practices, and identifying and controlling diseases and insects.
Photomail operation.
Describes procedures for signal photomail (microfilmed mail) service operations. Includes instructions for handling V-mail (personal correspondence) as well as official War Department photomail.
The dairy herd improvement association program.
A guide to organizing and operating a dairy-herd-improvement association for the purpose of maintaining records used to improve the profitability of herds.
Supply, evacuation, and trains, armored units.
An Army field manual "designed as a supply and evacuation guide for armored units.... Covers supply of armored units, evacuation of personnel, prisoners of war, vehicles, and salvage; rail and water transportation and trains in theater of operations."
Theory of ballooning.
A general guide to piloting a free balloon.
Cranberry harvesting and handling.
Recommends methods of harvesting, handling, storing, and packing cranberries in preparation for market. Discusses the function of cooperative cranberry organizations in relation to sales and prices.
Quartermaster operations.
Describes the organization and functions of the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps.
Tank destroyer, towed gun platoon.
Describes the organization, tactics, and techniques of the towed tank destroyer platoon.
Criminal investigation.
Describes procedures for criminal investigations conducted by military police during wartime. Discusses the purposes and functions of the Security Intelligence Corps (SIC).
Browning machine gun caliber .50, M2, aircraft, fixed and flexible.
"In addition to a description of the Browning machine gun, caliber .50, M2, aircraft, fixed and flexible, this manual contains technical information required for the identification, use, and care of the materiel."
Pneumatic ponton bridge M3
Discusses the purpose and usage of the pneumatic pontoon bridge M3 by infantry in the field. Covers construction, deployment, and maintenance.