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Good news from home: more production.
Color poster shows a smiling soldier in a brown uniform and helmet. He holds up his hand with four fingers splayed as if to count off the list of words displayed to the right in bold red text: "tanks", "planes", "guns", "ships".
He's a fighting fool, give him the best you've got : more production.
Color poster in blue and black shades. Image of a soldier using a large artillery gun which is pointed upward. Three planes are seen flying in the distance behind the soldier.
She's a swell plane-- give us more! : more production.
Poster in black & white and red tones. A military pilot in a flight uniform smiles as he removes his goggles and points backward.
"Every man woman and child is a partner"
A black and white image of a crowd of men and women heading off to work. In a red arrow in large white letters is the quote from President Roosevelt. In a blue box there are figures for war materials in 1942.
Kinda give it your personal attention, will you? : more production.
Color poster in black, white, and green. Image of a smiling soldier (a sergeant) wearing a helmet, lying prone in the grass. He holds a rifle in one hand and wipes his brow with the other. On the ground near the rifle are fired shells.
He's a "fighting fool"-- give him the best you've got! : more production!
Drawing of a soldier standing in uniform and helmet, and carrying a rifle. It appears to be drawn with red conte crayon.
Take care! : idle hands work for Hitler.
Color poster featuring a black & white photograph. An adult male stands on the left side of the poster facing the viewer. He is wearing a cap, his left arm is in a sling, and he wears a large button or badge above his right chest pocket.