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Survey of the Domestic Tuna Industry
Report and survey of the United States' domestic tuna industry, including recommendations to improve the industry and its position within the economy.
Creel Census and Expenditure Study, Madison River, Montana, 1950-52
Report regarding an investigation on fishing pressure, yield, and expenditures by fishermen on the Madison river in Montana.
A Fishway that Shad Ascend
History and description of the Shad Run at Lawrence Fishway for purposes of design of fishways that will successfully pass shad.
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Fishery Resources : Effects of Tracy Pumping Plant and Delta Cross Channel
Biological investigations of king salmon, striped bass, and shad, water flow in relation to fish populations in the Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta.
Experimental Fishing to Determine Distribution of Salmon in the North Pacific Ocean, 1955
Three vessels undertook a 1955 broad study of the high-seas distribution of salmon in the North Pacific Ocean.
Mid-Pacific Oceanography, January Through March, 1950
Description of the Oceanographic Project and the results of the 1950 Winter Cruise of the Hugh M. Smith.
The Japanese Tuna Fishing Industry
Report consisting of several translated Japanese works on fisheries and the costs of tuna fishing in the oceans around Japan.
Five Japanese Papers on Skipjack
Reports regarding skipjack fishing grounds in the Northeastern Sea near Japan.
Monthly Sea-Surface Temperature Anomaly Graphs for Atlantic Coast Stations
From abstract: Anomalies are presented for temperature records from 27 stations located between Maine and Florida. The years 1950-59 are taken as a common base period.
Use of Electricity in the Control of Sea Lampreys: Electromechanical Weirs and Traps and Electrical Barriers
From abstract: An account is given of experiments conducted in 1951 and 1952 with electro-mechanical and electrical barriers for the blocking and/or capture of sea lamprey runs in tributary streams of northern Lake Huron and northern Lake Michigan.
Directing the Movement of Fish with Electricity
From introduction: The Fish and Wildlife Service's Great Lakes Fishery Investigations has recently developed alternating current electrical devices which appear most promising as a means of controlling the parasitic sea lamprey in the Great Lakes.
Variability of Longline Catches of Yellowfin Tuna
From introduction: The purpose of this paper is to provide a method of estimating the reliability with which longline catches of yellowfin tuna represent the relative abundance of the population.
Tests of Hatchery Foods for Salmon, 1952
From introduction: Feeding trials were conducted in 1952 with blueback salmon and chinook salmon used as test animals.
Stream Catalog of Southeastern Alaska Regulatory District No. 2
From introduction: As a handbook of salmon streams, this catalog is expected to serve as an aid to conservation agencies as well as others who have an interest in the valuable salmon resources of Southeastern Alaska.
Tuna Longline Fishery and Fishing Grounds
From introduction: The Japanese tuna fishery, which formerly had for its fishing grounds almost the whole western Pacific and a part of the Indian Ocean, wherein its small vessels roamed at will, was reduced by the Pacific war to such a nearly complete state of destruction that little was left to remind one of its former condition.
Creel Census and Expenditure Study, North Fork Sun River, Montana, 1951
From introduction: The present paper is concerned with fisherman-expenditures, fisherman-use, and yield of the fisheries involved, although some data on other aspects of the fishery were obtained.
Limnological Survey of Western Lake Erie
From introduction: This report is an investigation into the effects of pollution on the fisheries of Lake Erie.
Creel Census and Expenditure Studies, Missouri River Basin
From introduction: This paper summarizes data on fisherman use, yield to the fisherman, and fisherman's expenditures for 26 areas of the Missouri River Basin.
Stream Catalog of Eastern Section of Ketchikan Management District of Southeastern Alaska
From abstract: This report contains information about part of Southeastern Alaska salmon streams is cataloged from the voluminous records of the Fisheries Research Institute of the University of Washington, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska Salmon Industry, and Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and other agencies.
Stream Catalog of Southeastern Alaska, Regulatory District Nos. 3 and 4
From introduction: The pink salmon of Southeastern Alaska are an important fishery resource that appear in more than 1,100 known spawning streams. Information on each stream is presented by a stream description and, when available, a map and escapement record.
Spawning Areas and Abundance of Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) in the Columbia River Basin: Past and Present
From abstract: Important Chinook salmon spawning areas are listed and charted in this report according to their past use and present use.
Maturity and Fecundity of Bigeye Tuna in the Pacific
From abstract: This study on bigeye-tuna spawning is based on ovaries from 700 fish collected in the central equatorial, western equatorial, and Hawaii areas of the Pacific.
Live-Bait Fishing for Tuna in the Central Pacific
From introduction: This report details a project to conduct exploratory live-bait fishing in the central Pacific.