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The Yukon-Tanana Region, Alaska: Description of Circle Quadrangle
From preface: In planning the surveys and investigations of Alaska, the attempt was made to cover first those regions which were of the greatest economic importance.
Reconnaissance of Some Gold and Tin Deposits of the Southern Appalachians: With Notes on the Dahlonega Mines
From introduction: This report is a brief preliminary study of the mineral resources of a portion of the Piedmont region.
[Reports on the Juneau and Admiralty Island Areas, Alaska]
From introduction: From introduction: The present report upon the work of this field season is accompanied by topographic and geologic maps of the vicinity of Juneau, and of a mainland strip extending approximately 200 miles along the coast.
Notes on the Geology of Southwestern Idaho and Southeastern Oregon
From introduction: The aim of the present paper is to put on record such observations relating to the general geology of the region traversed as it is thought may be of interest, more particularly to the people of Idaho and Oregon, and also in certain instances serve to supplement the report referred to on artesian conditions.
Economic Geology of the Independence Quadrangle, Kansas
From introduction: The aim of this paper is to present the substance of what is known concerning the distribution, occurrence, and development of the oil and gas of the quadrangle, and to note briefly the more important industries growing out of these natural resources or depending on them within the territory considered.
The Fairhaven Gold Placers, Seward Peninsula, Alaska
From letter of transmittal: This manuscript is based on geologic and topographic reconnaissance survey, made during the summer of 1903, of an important placer-gold district in the northeastern part of Seward Peninsula.
Limestones of Southwestern Pennsylvania
From introduction: This report is a summary of the present knowledge of limestone beds in southwestern Pennsylvania.
Mineral Resources of Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
From introduction: This report details the mineral resources of Kenai Peninsula.
Zinc and Lead Deposits of the Upper Mississippi Valley
From introduction: This report investigates the zinc and lead deposits of the Upper Mississippi Valley.
Zinc and Lead Deposits of Northwestern Illinois
From introduction: The subject of this paper is the district of the extreme northwestern portion of Illinois, included in the upper Mississippi Valley containing zinc and lead.
The Gold Placers of the Fortymile, Birch Creek, and Fairbanks Regions, Alaska
From letter of transmittal: This report contains the economic results of a reconnaissance of these gold fields of the Yukon basin which was carried out in 1903.
Preliminary Report on the Geology and Water Resources of Central Oregon
From introduction: The observations recorded in this paper were made during a rapid reconnaissance from east to west through the central part of Oregon in the summer of 1903, and are in continuation of similar work in the same general region previously done by the author, reports concerning which have been published.
Preliminary Report on the Ketchikan Mining District, Alaska, with an Introductory Sketch of the Geology of Southeastern Alaska
From introduction: Since 1898 the United States Geological Survey has been carrying on a systematic investigation of the mineral resources of Alaska.As the northern mining districts of southeastern Alaska had already been the subject of an investigation by Dr. Becker in 1895,a and as the Ketchikan district was being rapidly developed, it was decided to spend the greater part of the short season in the Ketchikan district and in the fall to make a more hasty reconnaissance of the northern belt, in order to obtain a general familiarity with the region and, if possible, to establish some correlations. This plan was carried out, and the results of the work are embodied in the following report.
The Geology and Petrography of Crater Lake National Park
From introduction: The two papers published here refer practically to the whole region included in the National Park. The one. Part I, treats primarily of the geology, the development of the great volcano, Mount Mazama, and its collapse, which gave birth to Crater Lake; the other, Part II, deals with the petrography, and gives a special description of the various rocks occurring in the park.
A Reconnaissance of the Northwestern Portion of Seward Peninsula, Alaska
From introduction: In response to an urgent demand by the public, the Geological Survey, in 1900, undertook a topographic and geologic reconnaissance of the southern half of the Seward Peninsula.( The area mapped embraced the more important gold fields of the peninsula. The topographic map made in 1900 included the drainage of Bering Sea from Cape Darby to Port Clarence, the southern drainage of Grantley Harbor and Imuruk Basin, and the northern drainage of Norton Sound. A geologic reconnaissance was also made of the York mining district and of part of the Kuzitrin drainage.