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Status Report Number Three on Clinch River Study
Report describing the progress made in the Clinch River Study for the period May to October 1961. This report is based off of multiple reports of water sampling conducted across six stations in order to evaluate the safety and radioactive content of the Clinch River.
Nuclear Merchant Ship Reactor Final Safeguards Report, Volume 6: Environmental Analysis OF NS "Savannah" Operation at Camden
"An analysis is presented of the accidental release of activity following the operation of the NS "Savannah" at the New York Shipbuilding Corporation docks in Camden, New Jersey. Although a number of accidents are considered, the report is primarily concerned with the environmental activity levels and subsequent exposures which would result from the "maximum credible accident" (p. v).
Use of Steam-Electric Power Plants to Provide Thermal Energy to Urban Areas
This report presents the results of a study that argues the importance of providing thermal energy from steam-electric power plants to urban areas.