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Homogeneous Reactor Project Quarterly Progress Report: November 1956-January 1957
Report issued by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory discussing quarterly progress of the Homogeneous Reactor Project. Progress of operations, design, development, and analysis is presented. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Molten-Salt Reactor Program Quarterly Progress Report: July 1960
Report containing ongoing projects and experiments undertaken by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Molten-Salt Reactor Program.
A Critical Review of the Literature on Pressure Drop in Noncircular Ducts and Annuli
This report presents "Results of a critical literature review on pressure drop due to isothermal turbulent flow in noncircular geometries" (introduction).
Radiation Stability Studies
From abstract: "An investigation of the radiation stabilities of aqueous solutions of sodium ethylenediamine tetraacetate and sodium acetate was made using a 3000-curie Co⁶⁰ source...A study of the behavior of the standard-size Beckman type glass pH electrodes in a solution containing 0.36 curie of Ce¹⁴⁴-Pr¹⁴⁴ activity per milliliter showed the useful electrode life to be of the order of two to eight days."