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A Data-Management System for Areal Interpretive Data for the High Plains in Parts of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming
From abstract: The High Plains Regional Aquifer System Analysis study has developed a regional water-resources (and related) data storage and retrieval system to organize and preserve areal interpretive data. The system is general and can easily be adapted for other studies. This report documents the High Plains data base as well as the general system that is independent of the High Plains area.
National Uranium Resource Evaluation: Lawton Quadrangle, Oklahoma and Texas
From purpose and scope: The Lawton Quadrangle, Oklahoma and Texas (Fig. 1), was evaluated to a depth of 1500 m (5,000 ft) to identify geologic environments and delineate areas that exhibit characteristics favorable for uranium deposits. Determination of uranium favorability was based on the similarity of geologic characteristics to the National Uranium Resource Evaluation (NURE) recognition criteria described in Mickle and Mathews (eds., 1978).
National Uranium Resource Evaluation: Lawton Quadrangle, Oklahoma and Texas, Appendix A-D
Appendices containing data on uranium availability in the Lawton Quadrangle to accompany a report on U.S. uranium resources in Oklahoma and Texas.