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Investigation of Melrose Zinc-Lead District, Ottawa County, Oklahoma, and Cherokee County, Kansas
Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over studies conducted on the Melrose zinc-lead deposits. Methods used in the investigation are listed. The characteristics of the zinc-lead deposits are presented also. This report includes tables, maps, and illustrations.
Strawberry Culture: Western United States
Revised edition. "Strawberries can be grown in those parts of the western Untied States in which ordinary farm crops are irrigated as well as in western Oregon and Washington, where irrigation is not essential but may be profitable. The principles of irrigating strawberries are essentially the same as those for other crops. Because strawberries are sensitive to the alkali salts that irrigation brings to the surface, such salts must be washed out or skimmed off. The strawberry grower, after choosing a suitable site and preparing the soil carefully, should select varieties adapted to his district and needs. He should use plants that are disease-free. In California, southern Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas the plants should have undergone a rest period. Usually the growers plant during the period of greatest rainfall. By using the recommended systems of training and care before, during, and after setting of the plants and the suggested methods of decreasing diseases and insect pests, he should obtain better yields. A grower can furnish consumers a better product by using good methods of harvesting and shipment. He can prolong the fresh-fruit season only a little by the use of cold storage, but he can extend his market by growing varieties suitable for preserving, canning, and freezing." -- p. ii
Radioactivity of Sediments in Parts of Oklahoma and Kansas
Report discussing the U.S. Geological Survey's investigation of the radioactivity of sedimentary rocks in Oklahoma and Kansas.