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The Anadarko Basin (of parts of Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and Colorado)
Abstract: This report is a synthesis of published and unpublished data on the rocks of the Anadarko basin.
Distribution of Uranium in Rocks of Pennsylvanian Age in Northeastern Oklahoma, Southeastern Kansas, and Western Missouri
The following report covers investigations on sedimentary rocks of Middle Pennsylvanian age in northeastern Oklahoma, southeastern Kansas, and western Missouri. Distribution of uranium and other trace elements in these rocks was studied during 1955 and 1956.
Reconnaissance for Uranium in Northern Texas and Southern Oklahoma
A report pertaining to uranium which has been found in two stratigraphic zones in rocks of permian age in northern Texas and south-central Oklahoma.
Preliminary Report : Radioactivity of Pennsylvanian Black Shales and Coals in Kansas and Oklahoma
The following report provides information on the first field work on the radioactivity of Pennsylvanian black shales in Oklahoma and Kansas, 1944, and their findings.
Radioactivity of Sediments in Parts of Oklahoma and Kansas
Report discussing the U.S. Geological Survey's investigation of the radioactivity of sedimentary rocks in Oklahoma and Kansas.
Uranium Content of Ground and Surface Waters in Western Kansas, Eastern Colorado, and the Oklahoma Panhandle
A report about uranium content of water from various rocks in certain states in the United States. It attempts to locate areas in which large amounts of uranium in the water will reflect the presence of nearby uranium accumulations.