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Understanding Cost-Effectiveness of Energy Efficiency Programs: Best Practices Technical Methods and Emerging Issues For Policy-Makers
"This paper reviews the issues and approaches involved in considering and adopting cost-effectiveness tests for energy efficiency."
The U.S. Forest Service and Climate Change
A paper explaining the benefits, tasks, and strategies of the United States Forest Service to mitigate Climate Change.
The National Coastal Condition Report IV
A paper detailing the report of the National Coastal Condition Report IV. It explains that the report present 4 types of data: coastal monitoring data, coastal ocean/ offshore monitoring data, offshore fisheries data, and beach assessment and fish advisory data.
Chemical Safety Alert: Rupture Hazard from Liquid Storage Tanks
A report by the EPA about chemical accidents. It offers information about factors relating to chemical accidents and how to prevent their recurrence.
Climate Change Science White Paper
This is a white paper on climate change science. The white paper seeks to create a consensus around science-based evidence on climate change and increasing overall temperatures.
Results of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Organizational Review
A letter about a memorandum that outlines the results of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Organizational Review recently concluded by former Secretary of the Air Force Mike Donley.
Assessment of the Greenhouse Gas Emission Benefits of Heavy Duty Natural Gas Vehicles in the United States: Final Report
A paper which presents a review of existing literature on emission factors, emission data collection techniques, and analytical approaches. It presents the results of SAIC's analysis of available CO2 and CH4 GHG emission data from chassis dynamometer tests of heavy-duty vehicle exhaust.
The Next Frontier: Preventing and Litigating Family Responsibilities Discrimination
A paper discussing the laws and legislation pertaining to Family Responsibilities Discrimination (FRD).
Women, Jobs and Opportunity in the 21st Century
This paper discusses how women have surpassed men in obtaining under graduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees, yet they are choosing to limit their lifetime earnings. They also examine choices women make in school and the work place, and social pressures that cause women to gravitate toward certain occupations.
Women and Work: 50 Years of Change since the American Women Report
This paper examines how education has impacted women's work, continuous challenges women face in the work place, how women work to support their families, and finally assessing the policies written in the American Women report of 1963.
The Digital Lincoln: A Proposal Regarding the Future of the ALBC Web Site
Paper envisions a role for the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission website, proposes new and expanded content, and calls for feedback from Lincoln stakeholders.