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Pressure Distribution in Irregularly Bounded Reservoirs

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over petroleum reservoir pressure distribution. As stated in the introduction, "the purpose of this investigation is to provide the petroleum engineer with the computer techniques to determine quickly the pressure distribution in a petroleum reservoir" (p. 1). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: 1972
Creator: Higgins, R. V. & Leighton, A. J.

Storage Stability of Gasoline: Development of a Stability Prediction Method and Studies of Gasoline Composition and Component Reactivity

Description: From Abstract: "The compositions of various gums and inorganic deposits are reported in terms of elemental analysis and spectroscopic examinations. The reactions of tetraethyllead with selected hydrocarbons are also reported."
Date: 1972
Creator: Schwartz, F. G.; Whisman, M. L.; Allbright, C. S. & Ward, C. C.

Sulfur Compounds in Crude Oil

Description: From Abstract: "This report summarizes a systematic 20-year study of the organic sulfur compounds in Wasson, Texas, crude oil and, to a lesser extent, of three crude oils, that culminated in some 200 individual sulfur-compound identifications. This report reviews early sulfur literature covering petroleum sulfur compound identifications completed before this study was begun, and cites 58 papers resulting from this work."
Date: 1972
Creator: Rall, H. T.; Thompson, C. J.; Coleman, H. J. & Hopkins, R. L.