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Coal-Mine Fatalities in the United States, 1924

Description: Report compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Mines including statistics on fatalities in coal mines located in the United States as well as data regarding the various operations (e.g., number of miners employed and average production). The information is organized into tables for comparison and the text draws some overall conclusions in the summary.
Date: 1925
Creator: Adams, William W.

Explosion Hazards From the Use of Pulverized Coal at Industrial Plants

Description: From Introduction: "This bulletin, therefore, presents both bad and the good features of pulverized-coal plants and gives recommendations for safe installation and operation. Consequently, in the preparation of this bulletin much of the material on explosions in plants is based on the results of tests at the experimental mine and in the laboratory dust gallery."
Date: 1925
Creator: Tracy, L. D.

The Metallurgy of Quicksilver

Description: From General Conclusions: "The main conclusions to be drawn from the work discussed in this bulletin may be summarized as follows: In the direct-furnace treatment of quicksilver ores the major problem in the extraction of quicksilver has been solved. Methods are available whereby low-grade ore can be treated with a remarkably high recovery and at low cost in view of small scale of operations at most plants."
Date: 1925
Creator: Duschak, L. H. & Schuette, C. N.

Mine Timber: Its Selection, Storage, Treatment, and Use

Description: From Introduction Purpose and Scope of Bulletin: "The purpose of this bulletin is to point out some of the benefits and economies to be derived by selecting, preparing, storing, pre-serving, and utilizing mine timber more carefully and to give some specific information on certain preservatives and processes suitable for mine timber."
Date: 1925
Creator: Hornor, R. R. & Tufft, Harry E.

Plastic Magnesia

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over the production methods and uses of plastic magnesia. Methods, properties, and uses of plastic magnesia are discussed. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: 1925
Creator: Ralston, Oliver C.; Pike, Robert D. & Duschak, Lionel H.

Screen Sizing of Coal, Ores and Other Minerals

Description: From Introduction: "The data in this bulletin were obtained during an investigation of screening practice by the University of Illinois engineering experiment station and the United States Bureau of Mines under a cooperative agreement between them and the State of Illinois Geographical Survey Division. The present investigation was limited to a study of screening as applied in preparing mineral products with the expectation of obtaining more comprehensive information on screening machinery."
Date: 1925
Creator: Holbrook, E. A. & Fraser, Thomas