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Abstracts of Current Decisions on Mines and Mining: May to August, 1919

Description: Bulletin issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines: "This publication is devoted exclusively to a review and abstracts of decisions based on the laws governing the rights and duties of mine owners, operators, miners, and persons trafficking in all kinds of mining properties. It includes abstracts of current decisions of all the Federal and State courts of last resort on questions relating to the mining industries" (Bulletin 61, p. 9).
Date: 1920
Creator: Thompson, J. W.

Coal-Mine Fatalities in the United States, 1919: and Coal-Mine Statistics Supplementing Those Published in Bulletin 115

Description: Supplementary report published by the U.S. Bureau of Mines regarding fatalities in coal mines located in the United States: "In addition to giving monthly fatality tables for 1919, this report includes several tables that were published in various monthly statements since 1914, thus making available in one publication all of the data compiled since that time" (p. 9).
Date: 1920
Creator: Fay, Albert H.

Extinguishing and Preventing Oil and Gas Fires

Description: From Introduction: " As the subject of oil and gas is necessarily broad, no attempt is made in this bulletin to treat it exhaustively; rather the bulletin aims to point out what has been done by operators in the past, and to describe various fire-prevention methods and fire-fighting apparatus which are being used or adopted by many of the larger oil companies. These methods and apparatus, it is believed, if universally employed by operators, will largely decrease the present enormous annual losses."
Date: 1920
Creator: Bowie, C. P.

A Glossary of the Mining and Mineral Industry

Description: From Introduction: "This glossary is published by the Bureau of Mines as a contribution to the mining literature in the belief that it will fill a long-felt need. It contains about 20,000 terms; these include both technical and purely local terms related to metal mining, coal mining, quarrying, petroleum, and natural gas, and metallurgical works; names of useful, important, and common minerals and rocks; and geological terms. It presents in one comprehensive volume the available standard, technical terms relating to the mining and mineral industry, as well as provincialisms that have been or are now in use in English-speaking countries."
Date: 1920
Creator: Fay, Albert H.

The Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid in the United States

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over the production of sulfuric acid. As stated in the introduction, "the present bulletin was prepared to cover the main facts in regard to the industry in this country, including a discussion of the supplies of sulfur-bearing raw materials, the situation of the acid plants, the principal points in regard to manufacturing processes, and the uses of the acid" (p. 2). This report includes tables, illustrations, photographs, and a map.
Date: July 1920
Creator: Wells, Arthur Edward & Fogg, Donald E.

Mining and Preparing Domestic Graphite for Crucible Use

Description: From Prefactory Statement: "In this bulletin are presented the results obtained in the first two phases of the work outlined above. The bulletin is in two parts. The first part describes the methods of mining and milling used, suggests a standard method of sampling finished graphite, and describes a rapid and convenient method of analysis developed at the Pittsburgh station of the Bureau of Mines, to which has been assigned the analytical and microscopic work. The second part describes experiments on the concentration and milling of graphite, which were made at the Salt Lake City, Utah, station."
Date: 1920
Creator: Dub, George D. & Moses, Frederick G.

Pennsylvania Mining Statutes Annotated

Description: From Author's Explanation: "This bulletin is intended to include every legislative enactment of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania relating to the mining and mineral industries. The entire body of mining laws is set out for these obvious reasons: (1) To show the progress and advancement made, and the changes through which the enactments have passed; (2) an author may not assume the determination of what particular laws are in fact in effect, as this is within the jurisdiction of the courts alone; (3) it was at least necessary to set out all acts that had at any time been construed by the courts."
Date: 1920
Creator: Thompson, J. W.

Structure in Paleozoic Bituminous Coals

Description: From Introduction: "To fill in a few of these gaps and to clarify some of the existing confusion is the aim of this paper. The immediate cause that led the author to investigate further the composition of coal and the origin and structure of its constituents was that when an attempt was made to discover the meaning of the coking and noncoking properties of a coal a more exact knowledge of the nature of the coal was required than was then available."
Date: 1920
Creator: Thiessen, Reinhardt

Talc Mining in New York

Description: Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines on the talc deposits in New York state. The report includes details on the geology of the deposits, and the mining and milling of the talc. This report contains illustrations.
Date: October 1920
Creator: Ladoo, Raymond B.